Friday, June 11, 2010

Something Sweet

Good morning all! I just put in the final stitches of Blackbird Designs' "Something Sweet" last evening. Now, I'll have to say... I think this was my favorite stitch ever! Don't you love that giant violet hugging the creamy, yellow house? There was just something so calming about it...Not sure if it was the colors or the sentiment, but watching it appear on the fabric was such a pleasant experience. I ended up stitching it on a cream colored 28 ct. evenweave with the suggested WDW and Gentle Arts Sampler Threads. I did change the wording from "I looked for something sweet to send you, the violets asked if they would do," to "I looked for something sweet for you, the violets asked if they would do." It just sounded more like something I would say and since this is a gift, I wanted it to sound like me talking.

"Something Sweet" was one of those pieces that was stitching up so easily, that I kept thinking to myself: "Something is going to go wrong." Well, it did... As I rounded the final corner in the upper left, it became clear that the borders were not going to meet up properly. I'm sure you've experienced that sense of panic! Would I have to re-stitch the entire piece? What on earth did I do wrong? Well, it turned out I was one stitch off on the entire left border--just a simple counting mistake that was easily remedied by ripping out that side of the border and moving it one stitch to the left. Whew!! Crisis averted! I can't wait to get it framed and see my dearest friend's face when she sees it... Thank you again, sweet Kim for passing along this lovely chart to me...

Just look at these lovely fabrics that Barbara gifted me with. I answered a question on her blog and the next thing you knew, these beauties appeared in my mailbox. I think she knows my love of ornament stitching and I can assure her that these will be perfect for backing future ornaments or pillows. Thank you so very much, Barbara--you are so thoughtful and kind :)

Thank you all for your comments on my bird nest photos from my previous post. As you can see, the baby cardinals hatched! I was so excited when I saw the little fluff balls in the nest that I ran right outside to photograph them. They thought my camera was their mother coming to feed them and whenever I held it over the nest, they craned their necks upward hoping for a bit of squishy worm to eat.

I enjoyed watching the mother (and occasionally the father) cardinal feed them for the next few days, but one morning I awoke to the most awful sight. The birds were gone and in the branches below the nest lay one single lifeless, little body. Clearly, a raccoon or some other animal had gotten to them. My thoughts immediately went to the poor mother cardinal and what she must have been going through when she returned to the nest to feed them and found her little brood destroyed. So sad... I know it's the whole "circle of life" thing, but I still felt badly. I was really hoping to see the little things grow up and fly away...

Here's a question for you... Do your friends, families, co-workers, etc. know that you have a blog? I've been thinking about this, because I saw an old friend last week who asked me how I'd been keeping busy. I mentioned work, reading (a very enjoyable book called The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott), and stitching, but I didn't mention blogging. I really hesitate to share the fact that I have a blog with anyone but my closest family members. Not sure why... Are any of you that way? Or do all of your co-workers and acquaintances know that you blog?

In honor of the lovely shades of violet that I used to stitch "Something Sweet," I'll leave you with a few images of the purple, violet, and lavender hued flowers that have we've been treated to this spring. Aren't they glorious?
I want to say a special "Welcome" to each of my new readers and followers and simply thank you all for your visit today... I truly appreciate each comment and email that I receive. You're the best :)


Jackie said...

What a gorgeous finish!

My knitting friends know I have a blog because it's linked to my profile on Ravelry. Other than that, just my family know about it. My husband reads regularly but the boys have no interest in it. I'm not sure I'd want my coworkers to read it. I'm not sure why.

Lee said...

Hi Carol
so much to comment on.
Love your latest piece the colours are just perfect.
What good photos you took of the baby birds and how sad the ending.
Yes family and friends know about my blog... most if they read it dont leave a comment on the blog but tell me later what they enjoyed. then there are the folk who think the computor is a waste of time.....and that includes blogging. How ever I have made some great friends through and enjoy visiting and reading their blogs along with posting on my own.

Sally said...

What an incredibly gorgeous finish! Such beautiful colours.

Love the pics of the baby cardinals! They are so sweet.

Margaret said...

That is such a lovely finish! I know your friend is going to love it! I've had a few of those panic moments when borders don't meet -- thank goodness it was easily fixable!

That is so sad about the baby cardinals. :( I remember one year when I was little, something awful was affecting the bird population. There were all these dead baby birds everywhere in town. I'm sorry you didn't get to watch the babies grow up.

I'm the same way about my blog. Funny thing is I haven't even told my extended family about my blog. lol! Nor friends or acquaintances. It always startles me when a friend discovers my blog. I wonder why we're that way? Weird, huh? lol!

lynda said...

What a lovely stitched piece! I love that design...don't remember seeing it before. Is it a very old one?
I don't think anyone knows I have a blog...except the people who read it..not my family for sure. Maybe if I start keeping more current with it I'll share. Right now blogland is kind of like my secret place!

Alice said...

I agree, Something sweet is such a pretty pattern and it looks gorgeous. So sad about the little birds. They say that 90% of all baby birds born, die before they are adult. Love all your pretty flowers.

Mylene said...

That is such a sweet pattern, i Love it! I haven't seen that before, is that an older one or probably new?

What great pictures of the little birdies but so sad to hear they are now gone.

Exactly the same here, i've been blogging since 2005 but nobody knows about it of my family and friends, only hubby and the kids.

I recently sign in to facebook to see pictures of my other families from other countries and discovered they've been all in FB. So i just share a few pictures there but not of my stitching.

Have a happy weekend!

Wendy said...

Congrats on your finish!! Nice work.

Thanks for sharing all of these wonderful pics!!

Nancy said...

Such an enjoyable post!

Your sampler is just gorgeous, and your friend is going to love this! Glad the border was an easy remedy to fix. I can't wait to see how you use the fabrics from Barbara.

Aren't those baby cardinals precious? Those mouths wide open in anticipation of food are adorable!

Your flowers are just beautiful Carol! You must have an amazing garden.

To answer your question - a few family members do know I have a blog and read it from time to time. Have an enjoyable weekend!

Deb said...

I don't think that I've ever seen that pattern before but I just love it! What a wonderful finish!! Wonderful gift from Barbara - you just have to love this fabrics.

I do tell some people about my blog, but others I don't. I suppose that I should mention it so it would be a way for people to keep up with me.

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

A very sweet finish, your friend will adore it. Beautiful birdy pics. I rarely mention my blog to other women, I share if they ask for more details.

riona said...

Something Sweet is lovely ... I have quite a few BBD charts in my stash that I want to get to during the summer, you are so right ... they are very relaxing. As to blogging, since I blog mainly about stitching, I haven't informed any one besides my husband and my daughter because they'd be the only one's who'd be interested. But I do let stitching friends know and I have let it be known on the stitching message board I frequent. So it always comes as a surprise when someone I know leaves a comment or speaks to me personally about my blog. The most unusual "contact" took place when one of the bank officers my husband works with [he manages the office building in Manhattan where they maintain their corporate offices] told him that she enjoyed reading my blog. It took us a while to figure out that she must have found the link on his Facebook page.

Claire said...

Great finish and photo's.

Shirley said...

Lovely work as usual Carol. So glad you didn't need major frogging to right it. Such a sad story about the cardinals, nature can sometimes be cruel. Have a lovely weekend, Shirley

Catherine said...

Ooohhhh...your piece turned out so lovely! I love how you changed the sentiment!I am sure your friend will absolutely love it.

So sad about the baby cardinals. We had a similar situation here with some sparrows this year.

What pretty fabrics. I am sure you will do something great with them. Lucky you!

I don't have a blog as of yet (I did however finally get my camera recently!), but I have often thought about whether or not to share with friends and family or keep it to my stitching family when I do start one. I was almost relieved to see that others keep it on the private side as well. Almost like a guilty pleasure!

Lesleyanne said...

A lovely finish. So sad about the birds but as you say it is the circle of life.

Anonymous said...

I can totally understand why you loved working on "violet" ... it's so cute! Beautiful colors.

Sorry to hear about your baby birds. We had a similar thing happen last year. A mockingbird mama built her nest in a "not so good" spot and we think a snake got her eggs one by one. :-(

Yes, my friends and family know I blog. SOMETIMES I wish they didn't. I would like to write a little more authentically, but really don't want to have to defend my opinions or feelings face-to-face when I feel controversial. It would be so much easier (sometimes) to blog anonymously. I don't mean to gossip or be mean --- but sometimes writing from the "heart" would be cathartic and talking face-to-face about it too difficult. Know what I mean?

Have a great weekend.


Kajsa said...

What a lovely finish! I love that chart! Sorry to hear about the birds.

I hardly mention the blog, since it's mostly about my stitching and finishing. I'm the only crafter in the whole family actually after my grandmother died so it's not to interesting for non crafters.

Thank you for visiting my blog Carol!

valerie said...

Wow, what a beautiful finish! I'm sure your friend will LOVE it!

So sad to hear about the baby birds and nest though. Even though it's the cycle of life, it's a sad event that things like that happen.

Barbara is so sweet to send you the fabbies...they are gorgeous!

Some of my friends know about my blog and my sister but I don't tell anyone at work or anyone else really.

Rachel S said...

That is so sad about the babies. Horrible. But thank you for sharing the pictures!

The finish is wonderful. Very sweet!

My close friends and the online world knows I blog. Since it's a stitching blog, I figure the whole world doesn't need to know. HTB knows about it, and he knows I talk about him, but I don't think he reads it. He's just waiting for it to bring us fame and fortune! LOL

Jane said...

This was a lovely post to read and your finished stitch is gorgeous, such pretty colours. The photo of the little birdies in their nest is sooooooo sweet, such a shame what then happened.
Only my DH and little darlings know about my Blog, no-one I know has any interest in cross stitch which is why I started blogging to meet new people xxx

Kathy said...

That BBD finish is just gorgeous! I love the colors and the way you personalized it. Just beautiful.

I don't keep my blog secret. my family, friends and co-workers all know about it. Do they read it? Doubtful. :)

Cindy's Stitching said...

the violets are very nice. i like the colors. Some of my friends know I have a blog and others do not. I family knows. I share with someone who might have an interest in stitching or crafts. The pictures are so nice. the birds are so cute. Your camera takes a very nice picture.

Pumpkin said...

Carol, this piece is just stunning and I agree with you on the wording. I like your version much better :o) I've done that a few times myself with pieces. Your friend should be overjoyed when she sees this!

Okay, I think I should have skipped the part about the birdies :o( I'm so sorry to hear about this. It breaks my heart that they didn't make it. You wonder how other animals can be so cruel but that is the circle of life.

The pictures of your flowers are gorgeous! I've having a super time taking pictures all over the place. Might as well do it now before they all disappear! LOL! family and DH's family know that I have a Blog. My closer friends know. I don't purposely keep it from anyone but I don't advertise it either. That's a hard question to answer! :o)

Ranae said...

Pretty finish!
I like what you choose for the wording.
Poor little birdies.
I hope my close frinds don't know about my blog, lol they might who know's??!! They would read it and think it's silly anyway.
I don't advertise it on facebook.
Gorgeous flowers!

Carolyn NC said...

What a beautiful finish - I can see why you enjoyed it so much. Thank heavens it was only a little frogging, too!
Poor little birdies...
My immediate family knows I have a blog, but the rest aren't really interested in a XS blog, so I don't bother. :)

Melanie said...

Love love love the finish!! It's perfect. :)

The poor birdies. I had that happen to a nest in my front yard last year and it was so sad. I know it's nature but I still get upset over it. :(

People know about my blog because it's attached to my work site so it's very easy to find. Because of that I'm mindful of what I put there. It's definitely 100% 'me' in tone/voice but I am careful about how personal I get with some details about my life. I've had a passworded Livejournal since 2000 where I can park my more emotional thoughts that only my truly trusted friends can see. I don't even post on LJ very often any more but it is nice to have a place where you can be totally real, warts and all, without fear of having to censor things for an public, anonymous 'audience'.

Shari said...

beautiful finish Carol! Your stitching is always so pretty. You amaze me at how much you get done so quickly.
Poor mama cardinal. That is so sad.
My family members know I have a blog, but the only one's who look are my brother & occasionally my dad. Other siblings & my kids have no clue!!!

The Queen Bee said...

Beautiful finish. Such a lucky recipient.

I was so surprised at the number of people who don't tell people about their blog. Makes me feel better. Some family members know.... mostly the family that would be interested in my sewing. My mother, for sure, reads it. Knowing that, I make sure I keep myself in check. I could be so much more like Stitch Bitch if I didn't have her watching over my shoulder. Some other friends read it but I don't go out of my way to tell people about it. The kids wouldn't like me writing about them but I do it mostly so my mother can see pictures and know what they're doing. I still need the anonymity for work. Maybe Lee could use this as a question for her monthly SBQ.


Elaine said...

Oh Carol what a lucky friend you have to receive such a beautiful gift, I just love the design.
How sad about those darling little birdies.
Beautiful fabrics, look forward to seeing how you use them.
Wish I could come visit you, those flowers in your garden are stunning!
Have a lovely weekend. Hugs!

BrendaS said...

Love your BBD finish. I especially like the colors.

Great pictures of your little birdies and your garden! Eye candy!!

Have a great weekend.

Karen said...

Beautiful finish! Love your flowers too.

Rowyn said...

Hi Carol

Something Sweet is very sweet indeed. It is a gorgeous finish.

So sad about the Cardinal chicks. The reason so many of New Zealand's native birds are endangered is because they are eaten by introduced pests such as possums, ferrets and stoats.

The only people I know of who know I blog are Ronnie, my older sister and an Aunt (who I have no time for, I was most displeased to hear she'd come across it a couple of years ago). It's silly, but I prefer to keep my public blog private. LOL.

Those irises and other blue/purple flower photos are beautiful! If you ever start a Flickr photo album of garden photos (hint, hint) I'd love the link. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Barbi said...

Carol! Your finish is gorgeous! That violet just pops off the fabric.
I think only my stitchy friends know about my blog. Isn't that interesting? I never thought about it before. hmmm...oh well, my family would probably be bored with it anyway. LOL

Myra said...

Hi Carol! I was wondering what you had been stitching and you surely produced a beauty in Something Sweet. Your friend is going to love it.

That is so sad about the baby cardinals. I have been very angry with Ziggy lately because he has been stalking the baby rabbits.

My family and co-workers do not know about my blog and I prefer to keep it that way. Of course, my DH and sons know but I really don't think anyone else would understand. I think it best to keep my private life seperate from my work life for the most part.

mainely stitching said...

I love that BBD chart, and your finish of it is just gorgeous. I like how you altered the verse slightly.

What a sad story about the baby cardinals! We have someone nesting in the VERY thick bushes outside our kitchen window. Hopefully the bushes are thick enough because some beastie broke into the compost I was storing nearby and made an awful mess. I'm kind of glad our cat no longer goes outside - I used to get so upset about his predatory ways.

I'm relieved you like the fabrics. I must admit that I had a great time picking them out! :D

Everyone knows I blog, it seems. I started blogging to stay in contact and to make new friends, so trying to keep my blog secret would've worked against the purpose of it. ;)

Moreen said...

Carol your violet stitching is gorgeous, I love violets but I too have never seen this BBD before.

I have enjoyed reading your post and seeing all the lovely photos - it is so sad about the little birds.

Tricia said...

I love that finish!! That is such a beautiful pattern!! TFS!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a beautiful finish! Congratulations!

Kathy A. said...

What a lovely piece and beautiful finish.
Oh, I am so sorry the baby cardinals are gone. It makes me sad too. I was so hoping to watch them grow.
Lovely fabrics.
I have not told everyone about my blog. Stitchy friends yes, but others no. Sometimes they just don't get the stitching thing.

Edit said...

Your latest finish is so lovely and sweet Carol. I simply love this design, it is so nice, so kind :)

And your photos of the birds and flowers... Today we have been to a beautiful park, full of birds, singing. It was a really nice day.

Have a very nice week,

Siobhan said...

Carol, I love your finish! Congrats! I stitched that a few years ago for my daughter and it's still one of my favorite BBDs--I just love the saying on it.

I am so sorry to hear about the baby cardinals. Poor little things. Like you, I know it's the circle of life thing, but I still get sad.

I am usually annoyed with myself for being behind in blog commenting but this time I'm glad, since my tardiness enabled me to read everybody's answers to your blog question! Very interesting. I am probably freakishly protective about my blog, and I don't know why. My husband is very supportive of my blogging but I haven't specifically given him the link for it, so I know he doesn't read it. The kids read it and love it--and argue over why they aren't on it more (!! LOL). I told my mother that I have one but I don't think she reads it, though she did share it with some friends of hers, which freaked me out. I have since had to repeatedly ask her to not give the address out to any other non-stitchers. I don't tell my non-stitching friends about it, but that said, my closest friends are almost all stitching friends. I'm on FB (don't actively post but am on it) with a lot of stitching buddies but try to not post any stitching stuff on it, because my brothers and a mix of in-laws are on it. I don't want them reading my blog. Again, don't know why... I guess because I show a bit more vulnerability on my blog than I'd like for my in-laws to see. My brothers... one of them loves my stitching and the other asks if it's macrame. I stitch for the appreciative brother's kids but don't want the clueless brother to be upset that I don't for his kids. Anyhoo... long winded answer there. Interesting question!

Angela P said...

Congrats on the beautiful BBD finish! That's sad about the little cardinals it would have been nice to see them grow up :) I have a lot of family in the UK and they all stop by my blog it's a good way to let them know what's going on in my life and some of my co-workers like to see my stitching finishes too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful finish and I'm glad its a piece you sincerely enjoyed. I love all the pieces I stitch, but some are truly special.
I don't tell coworkers, with one exception (the boy) and never ever will. If coworkers found out, I'd switch blogs. That says something about how I feel about those I work with. I tell most everyone else though. At times I wish my mother didn't read my blog, but thats life. At other times I wish everyone at my church read my blog. I guess because I like talking religion and really don't feel like I have face to face friends to talk religion with. I get a lot of readers, but rarely any comments. I see that you have 43 as I am posting this comment. I'd fall over dead in shock if I ever had that many comments, but I'd sincerely like people to comment more. Any suggestions on how to get them to do so? I'm going to have a couple drawings when I hit 100 posts (or about then) one of them may just be a drawing of those who have commented one of my last 100 posts. I'm at 7? posts now. Oh well, more than you wanted I'm sure.

Martine said...

Congrats for your "Something sweet" !!! It is beautiful and yes ! I think that he is very pleasant to stitch it !
I am so sad for the baby cardinals ! poor mother cardinal !!!
Have a good day, Carol !

Kim B said...

Gorgeous! I love how you changed the words. It flows better I think. That is so sad about the cardinals. :(

Meari said...

Oh geeze, I'm way behind on reading your blog!

I think my sister and possibly SIL know I have a blog as my bro & I had words over something I wrote on my blog once in regards to the caretaking of my Dad at that point in time. Other than that, I don't usually tell friends or coworkers that I have a blog.

The baby bird pics are awesome. That reminds me... I have a baby hawk photo I took over the weekend with my cell phone.

Congrats on your finish. It turned out really nice.

Viooltje (Violet) said...

Congratulations on your finish and winning, I love how you changed the wording. (I was planning to change mine too when I'm stiching her)
I'm always SO very relieved when those borders match, sorry your's didn't this time.
Your flowerphoto's are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

That is a lovely finish. :) I've never seen that chart before.

I'm so sorry about the baby birds! That is so sad! I found a baby bird in my yard not too long ago that had apparently been dropped by another animal since I couldn't find a nest anywhere. It was obviously badly injured and really struggling. I put it in a shady spot under some leaves in the flower bed to get it out of the hot sun, but there wasn't anything else I could do. So sad!

I used to have a relatively popular personal blog that was really fun, and had even been featured in a couple of newspapers. Everyone knew I had a blog, though I never used our last name or my children's names, or gave any hint as to where we lived. It was very public, and I got a lot of hateful comments on a regular basis, many coming from people I knew in real life! I did not write about controversial subjects or politics, but still the haters came. A few months ago I decided I didn't want to deal with it anymore, and so I just deleted the whole blog after four years of posting.
Not too many folks know I have the stitching blog, but I don't know anyone who stitches, so I don't see any reason to mention it.

Meadows08 said...

Hi Carol! I'm so surprised by everyone's answers about sharing their blog! That being said, I started mine in January 2009.

My kids knew about it (12 & 14 yrs) from the beginning but my own HUBBY didn't get told till about a year later!!! I don't know why...I guess I was shy and sort of embarrased.

I don't think they read it much but they're very interested about it, wanting to know how many followers I have and if I get comments. That's sweet.

I like being relatively anonymous online. It's sad reading that people have friends and family being "haters" on their blogs.

Solstitches said...

What a pretty finish and those flowers in your garden certainly are glorious.


Mary said...

Hi Carol
have just found your lovely blog today and have enjoyed reading your comments and seeing your beautiful work. Just loved the violets and will have to find this pattern to stitch for my friend. I haven't kept my blog a secret but I really only give the address to stitching friends - none of my other friends have ever asked for it.

Cynthiamsuu said...

I can totally understand why you loved working on "violet" ... it's so cute! Beautiful colors. Sorry to hear about your baby birds. We had a similar thing happen last year. A mockingbird mama built her nest in a "not so good" spot and we think a snake got her eggs one by one. :-( Yes, my friends and family know I blog. SOMETIMES I wish they didn't. I would like to write a little more authentically, but really don't want to have to defend my opinions or feelings face-to-face when I feel controversial. It would be so much easier (sometimes) to blog anonymously. I don't mean to gossip or be mean --- but sometimes writing from the "heart" would be cathartic and talking face-to-face about it too difficult. Know what I mean? Have a great weekend. DK