Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's My Birthday and I'm Having a Giveaway!

I wonder what was going through my head when this photograph was taken more than fifty years ago? Knowing me, I'm sure I was being quite bashful around the photographer. I love the tiny red bows in my hair and the cute little pinafore dress that my dear mother so carefully chose for me. My bangs don't even look too crooked (which was unusual back in those days!).

We had a contest at work a few years ago where we each brought in a baby photo of ourselves and everyone tried to match the baby with the now-grown co-worker. For some reason, everyone--and I mean everyone, matched me up with no problem! I suppose that is a compliment...Now that I look at this photo, there are many similarities to my now middle-aged face: I have grown bangs again (although now they're there to hide the wrinkles), my teeth are nice and white (well, thanks to those handy whitening strips), and I'm still petite (due to all those miles I log on my treadmill each day). Hey, I am talking myself into feeling pretty good about this birthday after all! And it is a big one--half way between 50 and 60 which will now get me the senior citizen discount in a few restaurants. I just can't believe I am this old, but as my dear husband always says: "It's better than the alternative!"

So, in honor of my birthday and my one-year blogoversary, I've decided to offer a little giveaway--or, more accurately, three little giveaways. I'm always sad when there is only one winner for a huge amount of cross-stitching stash, so I've broken this up to result in three winners...You all know that last year I was stitching nothing but ornaments, so what better things to offer in my giveaway than ornament related goodies:

In GIVEAWAY #1 is Prairie Schooler's Book No. 110: "Santa & Friends" plus all the DMC floss needed to stitch each ornament.

In GIVEAWAY #2 is Plum Pudding Needleart's "Candy Cane Wishes" plus all the DMC floss needed to stitch each ornament.

In GIVEAWAY #3 is a stitched-by-me ornament from Prairie Schooler's "Santas & Snowmen" chart featuring this snowman with his little rabbit buddy.

To enter, simply leave a comment, on this post only, with the numbers of the giveaways you would like to win. Please include your email address if I can't reach you through your blog. And to make it more interesting for the librarian side of me, please let me know the name of the favorite book that you've read or listened to over the past year. Haven't read or listened to a book? Hmmm--get yourself to your nearest library soon :) No, seriously, I know how busy life can get, so how about the name of your favorite book from childhood? For me, the choice is easy... I just finished listening to "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett--probably the best audio book I have ever heard...really incredible. It is about life in Jackson, Mississippi in the early sixties as the Civil Rights movement was just getting underway. The book deals with a young white journalist, Miss Skeeter, and her journey to write a book about the experiences of the black maids ("the help") in the town. I laughed, I cried, I didn't want the book to end...

The deadline for the drawing will be Friday, January 29th at 5 PM Eastern Standard Time and I'll announce the winners on Saturday, January 30th. Good luck to all!

And thank you again, for all of your amazing comments on my last post--they mean so much to me!


Edit said...

Dear Carol,

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! And happy anyversary for your blogging! It was a pleasure to see your ornaments week after week. Hope to see more beautiful stitches this year, too. Well, I have just seen the first already :)

About the favourite book of last year. For me it was definitely the Kite Runner. I could not put it down. And in the last days of the year I started to read "A thousand splendid suns" which I like equally. Both are wonderful books. But this you already know. To say something new, I also enjoyed "Shadow of the wind" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

All your giveaway items are really tempting, but the one I would like to win the most is the ornament Santas & Snowmen. If I would be the lucky winner I would put it every year to my Christmas tree and I would always know this one is from you :)

Happy birthday!

Shari said...

Happy Birthday Carol!! When was your birthday???! How did I NOT know?????
I guess that eliminates me from the who was it game!!!
I would love to be entered for the stitched ornament. I have the leaflets of the others, so the ornament you stitched would be PERFECT!
As to book I have read...I just finished Intervention by Terri Blackstock. Very good book! I have never read any of hers, but was told how good they are. This one was great!

Shari said...

I need to edit! I do not have that PS leaflet! I thought I did! So, I could say either that or the stitched ornament!!!

Catherine said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! I had to laugh at your husband's comment - that is so something my dear man would say.

I really enjoyed reading "The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane" and I started to reread both books by Sarah Addison Allen - trying to get ready for her new one in March.

As for the give away, I would be honored to win any of the three! But, I have to admit the finished ornament done by you would be most special for anyone!

Lee said...

Happy Birthday Darlin' Carol! I hope you have a great birthday weekend and that you get some time to relax and have fun with your husband and boys.

I have a ton of stuff to tell you and will email you later.

And now for the contest part! Your ornaments are always so beautiful, and I'm sure that this one is no exception. So toss my name in the hat for your finished ornie!

My favorite book of 2009? I loved the audio version of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book. It's probably the book that stands out the most to me, because then I started reading other NG fiction and now I'm a big NG fan.

Funny that you should mention The Help. I just started that audio book last night and I'm thrilled with how well the audio is done. It's amazing so far. I've only listened to the first two hours.

More via email later!

Sandrajay: said...

Hi Carol,

Happy Birthday! Here's hoping you have a lovely day and many happy returns of the day.

I don't have a favourite book but sometimes I just love to sit and read the Bible.

As for the giveaway,I'll like to be considered for Giveaway #2. Thanks.

Cath said...

Happy Birthday , and Happy anniversary.
Please put my name in for your giveaway , I'd love the candy cane wishes.
I've read loads of books this last year , but I guess the best ones would have to be the Twilight series , I read each one in a day lol.

Julie said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Blogoversary too.

Thanks for the chance to be entered into your draw, i dont have either chart but i do love the ornament you have stitched so any of the draws you enter me into would be fine with me.

What book?? i've read a few this year...but i really did enjoy the audio book a friend lent me of The Hobbit, have read the book before but this was really special to listent to.

Ranae said...

Happy 55th Birthday!! Carol
Happy first Blogoversary!!
I don't have the charts. But... I would love to be entered for the stitched ornament, they are always the bestest.

I just finished an older paperback The Dakota's: At The Wind's Edge by Kathryn Davis. Now I have to find Endless Sky.

Have many more birthdays and blogoversary's, I love reading your blog

Anonymous said...

First of all, Happy Birthday! I just came across your blog today. What a cute little picture of you as a baby. I am doing a lot more reading now that I got my Kindle. I won't mention the fluff romance type series of books I'm currently reading LOL but before that I read The Help, what a good book. I would love to be entered into your drawing, and would love to be on the list for #3, that is such a cute ornie you made there! Thanks for such a generous giveaway!

Kellie said...

Hi Carol,
Happy Birthday!! :) I have enjoyed seeing your ornaments each week. Very inspiring.

My favorite book that I read/heard last year was also The Help. I listened to it on audio and thought it was absolutely incredible. It is a book that I am glad I listened to rather than read because I thought the beautiful voices and dialects lended so much to the story. I became an audible member last year, and I have found how pleasurable an audio book can be while stitching.

I love everything in your giveaways! Both of the designs are fabulous, and it would be an honor to have one of your stitched ornaments hanging on my tree. I am not sure if we can enter all or need to pick just one. If we need to pick just one, I really love the PS leaflet. I am a huge fan of their designs and that is one that I do not have.

Have a great week, Carol!!
Thanks for the opportunity to enter such a fun, fabulous giveaway!

Jules said...

Happy Birthday! And congrats on your One-Year milestone in the blogosphere!! What a nice way to celebrate each year...

I have so many favorite books that it's hard to choose just one. Over the past year, I have read quite a few Janet Evanovich books. She is my "grown up" favorite author. Her style of writing is humorous and a little gritty. I have even loaned her books to my 84-year-old grandmother and she just loves them!

As a child, it was all about Judy Blume: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Superfudge, Are you there God? It's me, Margaret, etc. I also enjoyed Beverly Cleary and the book Bridge to Terabithia (I recently watched the movie and loved it).

Then there are the classics: the Bible, Twain, Dickens, Shakespeare, Austen, etc. What can I say, I just love books!

As to which prize would I like to win, either 1, 2 or 3 would be great! They are all fabulous packages. Good luck to everyone...


Stitchers Oz said...

This is such a wonderful blog to visit and I enjoy it greatly! Happy Birthday to you as well! Please enter me for the Giveaway #1 and thanks for having a great blog!

Myra said...

Happy, happy birthday! My favorite book always seems to be the last one I read. LOL I think the one that has really stuck with me all year and I learned so much by reading it was "The Omnivore's Dilemma" by Michael Pollan. I really enjoy reading lots of fiction but the non-fiction ones are usually the ones that really "follow" me and keep me thinking for a while.

I would be happy to win any of your prizes. :o)

Siobhán said...

Carol, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have a wonderful celebration. No need to enter me in the giveaway, but thanks anyway. :)

I'm so glad you enjoyed "The Help". I loved it so much that I'm envious of people who are finding it for the first time. It was definitely my favorite of 2009, though I really enjoyed "The Whiskey Rebels" by David Liss and "The Angel's Game" by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, too.

Kim B said...

Happy Birthday Carol! What a darling picture!

My favorite book I read last year - Emma by Jane Austen. I was going through one of those "I need a classic to whisk me away" moods and checked it out at my local library. We're big library fans as you already know :)

I would love to be entered for #2 or #3!

You're too sweet to be offering us gifts on YOUR birthday :)

Birthday hugs for you Carol!

Cole said...

Happy Birthday Carol!! And happy blogoversary too :)

I would love to be entered into your giveaway, for any of the drawings. Thanks!!

Blu said...

Happy birthday Carol! Enjoy the cake~

Favourite book? Can I pick a series? The Codex Alera by Jim Butcher. A 6 book fantasy series. I'm lousy at reviewing, but it was excellent. It had the standard "A young man on a life journey fighting enemies on his way to the top". But it's very well written and just plain fun. I listened to the audio version and the narrator was excellent. I was actually listening to the last book the night before my finals! Hands down, the best books I read last year.

I'd love to win the PS leaflet~

Theresa said...

Happy birthday and blogoversary~~~~~ I would love to enter for your giveaway!!!!!! All three of them are so lovely, but I have never stitched a PS design before, so I would like to enter for #1.
As for the book I read in the past year, I think the one that amused me most was The Lady and the Unicorn by Tracy Chevalier. I've read all her books in the past year, but this one was particularly interesting to me~
Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!!!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Carol! I hope you will have a great day and a wonderful year! Congratulations on your blogoversary - I look forward to seeing much more of your beautiful stitching.

My favourite book(s) that I read this past year was the Circle Trilogy by Nora Roberts - it is a fantasy series and I absolutely loved it!

Your giveaway items are all great! Please enter me for draw #1 - I love Prairie Schooler designs.

Angela said...

Happy Birthday Carol! What wonderful giveaways but i'd LOVE to be entered in # 3 for a chance to win that beautiful ornament :)

I also work in the Library so of course I have to read, LOL! I call it a job hazard but my favorite read of the past year has to be Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom. My favorite book of all time is Watchers by Dean Koontz and Along Came a Spider by James Patterson is a very close second. I also enjoy anything by Nora Roberts.

Thanks for the chance :)

Sweet Sue said...

Hi Carol, me too-stitchin for Christmas 2010, and lovin it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear friend, it does seem some of the BEST stitchers have birthdays in January! Love your baby pic.

Best book was *A Redbird Christmas*, such a sweet story.

Could I enter #3 plz, would treasure a piece stitched by you:) Good luck to all.


Mylene said...

Happy Birthday, Carol!
(Hope you've seen my message yesterday.)
And Happy blogoversary!

Well, i've read quite some books last year, what i can borrow at our library here on the island, i can only say my favorite authors are Nora Roberts, Cathy Kelly, Carole Matthews so far.. Can't remember the book titles. I just wish i can get or borrow audio books here but not available. Right now, i started one of Kathy Reichs-my first.

All your giveaways are very tempting and can't really choose which to sign for, i'll try my luck on giveaway #2. Thanks.

valerie said...

Happy Birthday Carol! I hope all those wishes come true for you this year.

I can't even remember what books I read last year but I know I didn't read many. Stitching with tv always wins out. I may have to try stitching to a book on cd. I was a huge Beverley Cleary fan as a young girl...Ramona was my favorite! I also enjoyed Judy Blume...Super fudge.

I'd like to enter for giveaway #2. Those ornies look so cute!

I hope you have a lovely piece of cake to celebrate...

Kim Reid said...

Happy Birthday and what a wonderful blog you have!
My favorite books are by James Patterson especially the Alex Cross Series.
I would love to be included in each of your drawings, they are all very special!
kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

Cindy's Stitching said...

What a great giveaway. Please enter me for all three - love them all. I just read a book last month called" The greatest salemen in the world" I am in sales and it definately helped. Love your baby picture. My jobs is doing the same thing this week. I have to go find my baby pictures.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Happy Birthday!
What a cute picture of you.

My favorite books are from the Left Behind Series.... I am always on the edge of my seat... need to get the last book... hmmmm.

I would love to win any of your 3 giveaways, so please enter me in them. Thank you so much for this opportunity to have fun!

Kay said...

Happy happy birthday! I have been enjoying following your blog and seeing all the beautiful ornaments you have made in the last year. Simply amazing!

The book that I read this past year that I find myself reading a lot is Bridget Jones' Diary by Helen Fielding. I love this book!

As far as the giveaway, I would love to be entered for giveaway 2 and 3. Thanks so much and once again beautiful work you have done in the last year. You should pat your self on the back!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Happy Birthday!

I love to read. My favorite book in recent memory is "Uglies". It's a teen book and the genre is one that I never read but it was recommended by a friend. I'm so glad it was!

I'd love to be entered into your generous contest. I'd be tickled pink to win any of them.

Nic said...

Happy Birthday!

There was no contest for my favourite book of last year (and I read 134 of them, plus my Uni books) - it was "Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day" - so charming and uplifting, I read it with a smile on my face and grinned like a loon when it was finished.

As for the draw - I would love any of the prizes, but I think the one that speaks to me most is number 2, with the sheepie, as I'm also a knitter...

Congratulations again!

Lois said...

Happy Birthday Carol! What a sweet picture of yourself, those bows are cute and I just love the dress! I had a number of books I enjoyed reading in the past year but two that come to mind straightaway are 'The Thirteenth Tale' by Diane Setterfield and 'The Heretics Daughter' by Kathleen Kent. As for your lovely giveaways - can I please be considered for #1 and #3.

Debby said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!! I hope i win the first give-away. I like the books from Katie Fforde the most. They are so romantic....

Greetings from Debby,
the Netherlands

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Carol, hope you had a lovely day.

I'd have to say that my favourite book from last year was actually 4 - The Twilight series I read them all in about 4 1/2 days!

I'd like a chance at #2 & #3 please

Joanne said...

Happy Birthday Carol!

The most interesting book for me, "The Art of Racing in the Rain" by Garth Stein. I feel it is a must read for everyone. It is that inspiring! For a fun read, "The White Queen" by Phillipa Gregory, "Symbols" by Dan Brown and "The Heretic Queen" by Michelle Moran (she also wrote "Nefertiti".

I would like to be entered for #1 please as I have stitched # 2 and #3.


Lorilee said...

Happy birthday and Happy blogaversary!!

My favorite books of the past year would be anything by Robert Munsch (thanks to my kids). I also enjoy anything by Karen Kingsbury and I did like the Twilight series. I think my 'to read' list is just as long as my 'to stitch' list!!
Thanks for the contest and I would love to win any of the 3 prizes, they are all fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Carol!

I would love to be entered for giveaway 2 and 3 (I love snowmen)

I didn't read a lot last year (which is very unusual for me because I have a ton of books) but that's probably because I got married, moved to Texas and had a little girl all in one year's time. I did really enjoy The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaimen. I had to pick it up when I found out that it won the Newbery because I love other stuff by him (Sandman and Stardust). It really is well written and the ghosts that raise the boy are priceless.

Joy said...

I don't know why Google decided to make me anonymous, but I posted the last post with The Graveyard Book.


Robin said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Blog-o-versary! This year I read Audition, Turning Angel and The Quiet Game both by Greg Iles, A Million Pieces, Desperate Passage:The Donner Party, Here If You Need Me, 90 Minutes in Heaven and I am now reading The Romanov Prophecy. I can't pick a favorite. I enjoyed them all. I have a Kindle and reading on the treadmill passes the time. I have to say I would read more Greg Iles because they were page turners. I just couldn't wait to read what was happening next.

As for the giveaway, after seeing what all you others stitchers do with ornies, I want to make some for my tree next year. If I have to name is Candy Cane Wishes. Please enter my name for a chance at your fab give-a-way!


Lisa F. said...

Happy Birthday, Carol! I've just discovered your blog, and it seems we have quite a bit in common! I am an avid reader...I've recently discovered Charlaine Harris, and in the last 3 months I have read nearly ALL of her books! I like the Sookie Stackhouse novels, and I really find that I'm liking the series with Harper Connelly and Toliver Lang. Anyway, please enter my name for any one of your lovely and generous giveaways. Thank you so much!


Linda said...

Happy birthday Carol. I so enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your ornaments each week. In fact, I have went all the way back to week 1 several times and reread your blog. I so miss your ornament a week. Maybe I should try that instead of spending all day on the computer LOL. I recently lost my job and could do that; however, I have no idea as to how to finish them. No sewing machine.

Please enter me in all 3 drawings. I would love to win any of them.


bearcrafts said...

Happy Birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day.
I really don't read much, as I stitch. My favorite books as a child where the Nancy Drew mysteries.

Daffycat said...

OMG I almost missed this!

Happy birthday, Carol! And Happy blogoversary! Please enter me for # 2 or # 3...

My favorite read the past year was Diana Gabaldon's An Echo in the Bone. My favorite childhood read was Norton Juster's The Phantom Tollbooth.

Meari said...

Happy Birthday to you! (You should put a current photo of you so we can see then and now)

I'd be interested in drawing #2 :)

Thanks for hosting such fun giveaways!

mariamula1965 said...

Have a beautiful and happy birthday, surrounded by the ones you love. Thanks for sharing your embroidery with us, I enjoy it almost every day.
Best regards from the Netherlans,
Maria Mula

Ariadne said...

Happy birthday!What a generous giveaway! Can I take part in all three of them or just one?Anyway I love all designs.We don't get them here, that's why!
A book I recently read and liked was The Fire Pheasant by Alexandra Jones.It is about Siam.
Ariadne from Greece!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday, Carol!

I've read a lot of books in the past year, but I'm having a hard time choosing a favorite. None really and truly stand out. I'm currently enjoying Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series, which I started because my son was assigned the first book for school. Sad to say, but I'm finding these kids' books much better than Dan Brown's "Lost Symbol"...

I'd be pleased to receive any of the three items, as neither of the charts are in my stash, and I would be honored to hang your stitching on my tree next year.

Sew Wilde said...

Happy Birthday! Cute picture. My favorite book was The Other Boleyn Girl. Please enter me in #2 and #3.


Carol R said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations on one year's blogging!

I am listening to The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse on my iPod. The last book I read was Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol. It's amazing that there are people who do not read or listen to books, DH is one of them so I know they exist!

Please enter me into your draw, I don't for which one.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Carol !

Tout d'abord, je te souhaite un très JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE !
Je viens de parcourir ton blog et je me suis régalée en découvrant tous tes ouvrages brodés !!!! et plus particulièrement les modèles Prairie Schooler !.... Ils sont magnifiques !
En ce qui concerne ton jeu, j'aime beaucoup la fiche avec les modèles de Prairie Schooler "Santa & Friends".... mais aussi le coussin "Santas & snowmen" !!!!! Il est très joli !!!
Joyeux anniversaire !

njstitch said...

Happy Birthday! Carol, what wonderful giveaways! So, please enter me in all 3. If I win the ornament, please donate it to an organization in your area. I have more ornaments than one woman should ever own. Your ornament is adorable and will surely brighten the day of someone going through a tough time in life. Happy Stitching!

Ele said...

Dear Carol,

first of all: Happy Birthday and all the best for you in your life!

My favourite givaway is Nr.1, with a little bit luck it will come to Bavaria...;-)

Many greetings to you and good luck for all!


Pumpkin said...


Good thing you can't hear the um, tune, that goes with that ;o)

Okay, hands down, I would LOVE to be entered for the third item :o) I would be honoured to have one of your ornaments in my house.

Favorite book this year...I've only been reading the Plum Series by Janet Evanovich. I've been in need of some much needed laughter :o) Favorite book of all time...Watership Down!

Thank you for such a fun giveaway! May your birthday be just as enjoyable :o)

Danielle said...

Please enter me in giveaway #3 for the ornament! I just love, love, love it! My e-mail address is my profile. I have not read as much as I'd like to this year, but my favorite book was Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. Kept me on the edge of my seat, and reading, to find out what really happened.

Heather said...

Happy birthday! How fun :D You are so generous, what nice giveaways. I'd love to be signed up. Any of them would make my day.

I really liked the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie society, it was so good.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to win #1....happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

I would love to go into the draw, if that's OK please :) Happy birthday and best wishes for the next 365 days until the next one :)

As for books, I didn't get to read as much as normal last year, but two stood out as being really enjoyable reads - Whitethorn by Bryce Courtenay and Sushi for Beginners by Marian Keyes ... both highly entertaining light reading :) This year I hope to make a much bigger dent in my reading pile!

Anonymous said...

Warm Happy Birthday. I would love to enter giveaway number two

Have to say my favorite book last year, wass fridy night knitting club, just love the story

Barbi said...

Happy Birthday Carol!!!

I love reading, but I have to admit I don't read as much as I would like too. When we got camping, that's when I seem to do the majority of my reading in the summer. But this year I read the City of Bones series by Cassandra Clare.

I didn't even have to think about which giveaway.. I would absolutely LOVE and be honoured to hang the ornament that you made on my Stitching Tree. So please enter me into #3 please.

Happy Birthday!

Marion said...

Hello Carol,

Happy birthday. You have chosen such a nice picture from you als little girl.

I like your stitcheries.

My favourite is the ornament with the snowman.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Carol, what a great giveaway. and if it's not too greedy of me, please enter me in all 3, LOL!!!!
Love your blog!

Rowyn said...

Hi Carol

Happy belated birthday. What a gorgeous photo of you when you were little! :-)

I would love to be in the drawing for giveaway # 3 please. The Prairie Schooler ornament is beautifully stitched and finished!

I am not much of a reader (my older sister is a bookworm, and teases me about my lack of reading), but I did buy and read Wuthering Heights a few months ago. I think I can safely say it's one of my all time favourite stories, I have three versions of it on DVD and the book.

Melanie said...

Glad you had a happy birthday, Carol! I've been enjoying your blog (I discovered it at Christmastime). Could I please be entered in giveaway #3? Thank you for your generosity with all three giveaways!

mainely stitching said...

Oh boy, birthday time AND a cool giveaway! Congratulations, and wishing you many happy returns! :D

I would love to be included for the first one, the PS Santa and Friends. I just love how Prarie Schooler does Christmas. :)

Now I read a lot. I mean, A LOT. I'm going to go with my favorite book I've finished so far in 2010 and that was The Blood of Flowers by Anita Amirrezvani. Incredible. I'd love to be a librarian, btw. :)

Diana said...

A happy belated birthday to you! Sounds like you had a great birthday.
My favorite book that I have read lately is "Loving Frank". I could hardly put it down once I started it.
I have always liked Frank Lloyd Wrights homes and furniture, so that made it even more interesting. It was a sad book though.

Diana said...

I forgot to include my email. It's

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Carol!! Thank you fro visiting my blog and leaving the lovely comment. All 3 of your giveaway items are wonderful. I just finished listening to the Richard Paul Evans cd" The Christmas List" I have read all of his books and this was the first one for the van. While crying at stoplights isn't recommended !!! but it was a bit of a tear jerker but great. I am now reading Lori Lansens" The wife's tale" The first I 've read from her but I see the previous two are set in the same town.A Canadian author who now lives in California. My book club just finished " Little Bee" which was a good one also.
I'd be thrilled to receive any of your lovely give away items and I wanted to say your blog is great.!! Have a wonderful week, Jennifer

Jennifer said...

Forgot my email,

Melissa said...

Hi Carol,

Belated Happy Birthday! Thank you for entering my giveaway and now I will do the same! I would love a chance to win either #1 or #3.

My favourite book last year, and I've done the paper version and the audio version, is the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Read and Listened to many many times! A treasure!

Maggee said...

Happy Birthday Carol! It looks like you had a lovely birthday. I love that picture of you as a small child. Very cute! I would like to be entered in either #2 or #3 giveaways. As for a favorite book, it has to be The Shack by Wm. Paul Young. I rarely read anything twice, or watch movies over again. But THIS one, I am considering re-reading! It is just so GOOD!



lynda said...

Happy birthday from a fellow librarian! My favorite book from last year was "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society"...I just loved that book and didn't want it to end.
Please add my name to your drawing.
Any of the giveaways would be great but I would really love the ornament stitched by you.
Thanks for the great giveaway!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri ~ Boog) said...

Hi Carol,

Thanks for the email note - so here I am. I always feel a bit funny entering a contest when I've just discovered a blog but I'll give it a go. Thank you for the invite. My very favorite book I read this past year was The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I listened to it on CD and it is FABULOUS.

Happy belated birthday!

Anna said...

Happy birthday!!Can I participate?I love your blog and I'd be very happy if I could win one of your three gifts!Please!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
I am only beginning to stumble onto all of these great stitching blogs! Having so much fun looking at everybody's finishes and getting more inspired!
Please enter my for giveaways 1 and 3.
Just finished Sarah Palin's Going Rogue. Love her.
I will be visiting often!
Carol B.