Saturday, December 12, 2009

Week Fifty: Let It Snow!

Hello everyone! Have you ever stitched a piece that you just know, every time you look at it, will forever remind you of a certain place or event? Well, for me, Country Cottage Needleworks' "Let It Snow" will always remind me of the emergency room. Yes, I spent many of the six hours in the ER on Sunday evening working on this little scene. My husband was being treated for what, at the time, we thought was the flu, but turned out to be a severe case of food poisoning. He missed three days of work, lost who knows how much weight, and is just beginning to regain his appetite and feel normal again. It was very scary and frustrating because we still aren't exactly sure where or what he ate that made him ill.

The one good thing about having that extended stitching time in the ER is that I actually had time to finish the ornament and hang it on my Christmas tree! This was my first attempt at doing a beaded edge and I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out, but, oh, did it take me a very l-o-n-g time! I think I should have practiced on a smaller ornament first. I decided to leave off the words "Let It Snow" that were originally charted (in the JCS 2008 Ornament Issue) because it was just becoming too big to use as an ornament on my tree. I used 32 ct. natural light linen and DMC threads with a touch of Kreinik silver blending filament for the tinier snowflakes. I also changed the blue of the birds, the border, and the snowman's scarf to match the color of the Mill Hill beads that I sewed around the border.

It was such fun coming home and discovering little packages waiting for me in my mailbox this week. I won one of the cute reindeer ornaments that Kim at Stitchful Thinking offered in her recent giveaway. Isn't he darling? It is backed in the cutest red and white polka-dot fabric. Thanks so much, Kim--he is feeling very much at home on our Christmas tree this year! And for anyone else who would like to stitch this handsome reindeer, you can find the free pattern right here...

I also received a non-stitchy gift from Shari at Shari's Sharings. I just "met" Shari through blogging this year and we have become fast friends...She has triplet grandsons and I have triplet great-nieces so we love trading stories about the kids and life in general. Check out her blog and you'll find some recent photos of her little cutie-pies... Shari makes her own chocolates each year and sent me a sampler of her goodies all wrapped up in a cheery snowman towel. Click on the photo and you'll see some of her delicious chocolate turtles trying to escape from their container...I've eaten most of their friends so they know the fate that awaits them! Thank you so much Shari for your treats and your friendship!

I was also lucky enough to meet up with Lee, the Lake Stitcher for a fun-filled day last week. You can read about it on her blog and also check out the Prairie Schooler Santa that I made for her. I had stitched him last year, but just finished him last week...that just shows you how slow I am at finishing some of my pieces. I'm sure he's relieved to be set free from that dark storage drawer that has been his home for the past year! Lee, knowing how much I love LHN pieces, passed on to me a sweet chart called "Winter Sampler" that I know I'll enjoy stitching in the future. Thank you so much, Lee--can't wait until our next get-together!

It is such a busy time of year for all of us, but after the events of this week, I'm trying to step back a bit from the holiday madness. I'm consciously trying to make more time to reflect upon and give thanks for the simple things in life -- for the things we often take for granted such as our health and time spent with our families...

Thank you all for taking time out of your busy holiday schedules to stop in and say hello! I really look forward to reading your comments each week...


Rowyn said...

Hi Carol

Let it snow is gorgeous!

My Dad had food poisoning a few years ago, and it was never determined what caused it either. He was so ill the doctor had to come to the house, and he even hallucinated that their was a TV on the ceiling (lol).

I realised today that after commenting on your last post I shaved two years off my age (a sure sign of getting old). 24 years ago I was actually 11, and not 9! Oh to be 33 again!! I'll just blame it on the silly season. :-)

Enjoy what is left of the weekend.

Lois said...

Let it Snow is lovely and yes, I think you will always look at this ornament and remember where you were when you stitched it! Sorry to hear that your DH was so unwell and I hope he's feeling 100% soon.

What a nice giveaway to win, the reindeer ornament is cute. As for the chocolates, they look very nice (I am very much a chocaholic!). Always fun to get-together with another stitcher. That chart is one I see this time of year and wonder what's keeping me from adding it to my stash. I need to do that.

Have a less stressful weekend than last!

Shari said...

so glad your husband is doing better. what a scare.
your ornament is gorgeous, as always!! I have never done the beaded edge. Maybe I need to try that in the new year!
Glad the chocolates arrived safely! Looks like the mail service 'messed them up' a little. Doesn't affect the taste thou!!!
Yes, very busy here! gives me LOTS to time to reflect on the Reason for the Season & ALL we have to be thankful for!

Jackie said...

I love your version of Let it Snow! Your finishing is gorgeous! The effort and time you put into it really shows.

I'm so glad your husband is doing better and I'm hoping he's fully recovered soon. Food poisoning can be bad stuff.

riona said...

Beautiful photos ... I am envying the chocolates as I sit here with my orange juice, vitamins and type II diabetes meds ... no chocolate for me!

I know what you mean about ER stitching ... the Monday before Thanksgiving found me in the ER with my husband and I worked on my flos tag giveaway [until I ran out of DMC #5 Perle in 815] and then got a really good head start on Halloween Revelry during his two and a half day stay in the hospital. Happily, it turned out to be a minor intestinal issue but we went in fearing colon cancer. I am glad your husband's issues were resolved and wish him continued good health.

Myra said...

It sounds like you made the most of a bad situation. I am happy to hear your husband is on the mend. Do you have any idea what caused the food poisoning?

Your ornament looks great! I really like this design and I like it better without the words too. :o)

Only two more weeks!

Barbi said...

Oh my gosh! Your poor husband! I don't envy him. I have never had food poisoning but I hear that it's horrible!! But on the bright side (LOL...only a stitcher can find a bright side in a boring waiting room) you got your ornament finsihed...and it looks great!! Nice color changes.
Have you hung all of your ornaments yet? I finally got my stitching tree up. Your's must look fantastic.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

I'm glad all is well and that you got Let it Snow completed...Only 2 more to go girl.
Be always in stitches.

Natasha said...

Letit snao is beautiful especially with the beaded edge, very nice touch.

Food poisoning is not something I went through whne I was in my teens, awful time. I am happy to hear your DH is on the mend. I am sure with the holidays fast approching he will not have any problems putting on that lost weight especially with those chocolate turtles :)

I have enjoyed reading your blog very much these past few weeks and your stitching challenge is an inspiration. I myslef am starting an ornament stitching challenge after the new year, I am going to stitch and ornament a month. Take care and Merry Christmas!

Carolyn NC said...

Glad DH is better. Love the ornaments and all your gifts!

Siobhan said...

Hi Carol! I am so sorry to hear about your husband being so sick! I am sure it caused a lot of worry. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons, though--gorgeous finish! :) It really is beautiful and your finishing is superb. Great idea about leaving off the "Let it Snow". That's my one misgiving about LHN & CCN ornaments--they are so large!

Beautiful gifts given and received. Lucky you! ;)

Theresa said...

Let is Snow is sooo cute!!!! I love this one!!!And I'm certain you will always remember the story that comes with it!!!

Andrea said...

Carol, Let It Snow is gorgeous. Great finishing. The gifts you received are lovely. I hope your DH is still making a good recovery.

Julie said...

A beautiful LHN ornie for your tree, i do hope your hubby is soon feeling 100% again.

Its always nice to receive little gifts in the mail especially when you can eat them too LOL

Claire said...

Your ornament looks great.Hope your hubby is ok now.

Mylene said...

I had experience food poisoning a few years ago, it was horrible, thought it was my end but so glad i've made it through so ever since i am very careful of eating out. Hope your dh is fully recovered.

Well done on the ornament, finished it perfectly.

Cindy's Stitching said...

Carol, you have had such a busy week. Glad to her that hubby is doing ok now. At least something good came out of the time in the ER, your beautiful snowman ornament. Love the finishing. I have yet to do that finish myself. I see you received some new stitching ornies. Aren't they just so cute. As always, you have a great story to tell.

Laural said...

I'm glad that you husband is better and that it wasn't the flu.
Great finish too. I like it better without the words on there.

stitchinfiend said...

You did a great job of Let it snow and the beading around it is beautiful. I had food poisioning a couple of months ago and I hope that your DH is starting to feel a little better. What lovely pressies you received in the mail.

Pumpkin said...

Oh Carol! That is absolutely stunning!!!! You did such a beautiful job. I want him on my tree ;o)

You definitely got some nice goodies there.

I'm sorry to hear about DH's food poisoning :o( I hope he's feeling better now. How awful.

Edit said...

You ormanemt is so beautiful I love it a lot! I hope your husband will feel all right very soon!

Michelle said...

Let is snow is so cute and beautifully finished! Sorry to hear that your husband was so ill - I hope he is fine now.

You received such lovely gifts - chocolates and stitching - how lucky can a girl get :)

Lily said...

Hope your husband has fully recovered.
This is my first visit to your blog and am so inspired and impressed with all your ornaments.
Do you have any stitching plans for 2010?

Daffycat said...

I hope DH is feeling 100% better soon! Such a gorgeous ornament! It's funny how some designers create these huge-honkin' patterns and the call them an ornament! I'm not fond of over-sized ornies!

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog today and I´m inspired of all the beautiful things you´ve done.
I really love snowmen and your Let it snow ornament is so very cute. I must put in on my to do list.
Best wishes from Iceland.

Vinniey said...

Hi Carol, Thanks for stopping by my blog. "Let it snow" is cute! And your finishing looks great! I hope your DH is fully recovered now. :)

Kim B said...

Not the ER! That's awful! At least it's darling :)

Thank you so much for posting the link to the freebie chart for the reindeer ornie! I couldn't find the website for the life of me! You are so kind to post that so others can enjoy stitching it as well.

Chocolate is the love of my life second only to my family :)

Annie said...

Hi Carol. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog.
Your ornament is so pretty. It's a shame that it will always be associated with memories of the emergency room!

We're expecting big snow tonight so your ornament will bring memories of that for me!

Violet Viola Viooltje said...

So sorry to read about your DH's foodpoissening.
(my grandmother had it once (long time ago, from Dutch raw fish (hering), she probably bought to much of them and it was summer...) she stayed for weeks at our home so my mother could nurse her)
Hope your DH is feeling better.

Luckily the rest of your post was much happier.

I'm SO in l♥ve with your snowman ornament!
Absolutly Beautyf♥l!!!
(btw we are having SO much snow here, brrrrrrrrrrr)
Probably a white Christmas this year.