Wednesday, August 31, 2022

More angels and a visit to mom's past

Good morning, all! How is everyone feeling on this final day of August? Me? I'm a bit down--I will miss summer, especially those longer periods of daylight. As I walk in the garden, I can't help but feel a sense of sadness as the blooms fade and the plants begin to wither and die. The leaves on some of our trees are already turning brown and falling--it seems way too early, but I suppose the hot, dry summer we've experienced has a lot to do with that. The older I get, the more I seem to need the sunshine and carefree days of June, July, and August. The nights are creeping in earlier and earlier and, I have to admit, it makes me dread the coming winter. I know fall is the favorite season for many of you, but I'd love summer to last forever!

I've finished up the remaining two angels from the Birds of a Feather chart "Christmas Angel Ornaments." This chart was lent to me by a most generous Instagram friend and I can't thank her enough! I truly enjoyed every stitch of these little cuties!

Charity and Love angels ready for my tree

"Charity" is my ornament finish for August--absolutely love that shade of green in her dress. I used Weeks Dye Works "Dried Sage." I also made her a brunette rather than a blonde as I wanted all four angels to look similar. The words were supposed to be done in gold metallic, but I honestly think I like them better stitched in the same colors as the angels' dresses. (Plus the less time I have to work with metallic threads, the better, in my book!). I had a perfect green polka-dot ribbon in my stash to top off the cording. And can we talk about those little legs dangling out of her dress--precious!

To make the word "charity" fit into an oval shape, I had to eliminate the spaces that were charted in between the letters.

And last, but not least, comes the "Love" angel which will act as my September ornament. Isn't she pretty in her sweet pink dress adorned with mauve hearts? The dress is stitched with GAST "Victorian Pink" and the mauve is GAST "Pink Azalea." Again, I gave her hair a dye job--I hope she likes her dark brown hair! I had trouble settling on a bow color, but finally chose to coordinate it with the darker mauve color. What do you think?

The little heart she is holding is also surrounded with gold metallic thread like in her halo and wing.


And here are all four together! Which one do you like best? I am still partial to the "Peace" angel--just love those colors in her dress and the soft grey dove carrying the olive branch in his mouth. 

A quartet of the sweetest little angels!

I certainly wish BOAF would reprint this one--I know it would sell out in minutes. I am beyond grateful to my Instagram friend for lending me this sweet chart--thank you again! Can't wait to see these on my Christmas tree in December!

So, who is putting out their autumn decor? I just can't quite get there yet, so I've pulled out my bees and sunflower stitching to act as a transition to the fall decorations (which will probably appear in late September). After all, fall doesn't really begin until September 22nd! I found this very small (it is only 12 inches high) woven tiered tray at Target (for only $5.00!) earlier this summer and thought it would be perfect to showcase my tiny bee and sunflower creations. 

Bees and sunflowers now occupy the side table in my kitchen


Here are a few close-ups for you... If you would like more information on each finish, just click on the description and the link will take you to my blog post with more details on that particular piece. 

Front hive and pink flowers, alphabet with hive, white birdhouse with sunflowers, round bee and hive

Front long pillow with two crows; six hives; sunflower; pink corded bee pillow; lone bee in back was a gift; crow and hive on right

Round bee piece on black; hive in black frame

Pillow on far left with crow and sunflowers


GIVEAWAY WINNER... There were a number of entries for the pretty "Summer Time" chart, but there can be only one winner. If you didn't win this time, please keep an eye on this space as I will definitely be offering more charts in the future! The winner's name pulled from the hat is...


Congratulations, Evelyn! Please send me your mailing address and I will get this chart off to you as soon as possible!

I want to thank all of you for your well-wishes for my little grandson and his family. Mister B has fully recovered from Covid and is back to his old self... Well, not quite as he has definitely entered the "terrible two" stage! Oh, my! His favorite word is "NO!" (said loudly and with great force). He is wanting to do everything himself and seems to love testing us. (His molars are coming in, too, which is probably adding to his discomfort). But, in between those trying moments, he is just the sweetest, most entertaining little boy! We were down visiting him in Maryland last week and he (along with his mom and dad) are coming today for the long weekend. He hasn't been here since April, so I know he's very excited to see all of the toys and books at Nonna and Pompaw's house that we share with him on FaceTime each night!

Thank you, also, for your nice comments on my photos of our Hocking Hills anniversary trip that I shared with you last time. While we were there, I realized that we were just a half-hour away from my mother's college alma mater: Ohio University in Athens, OH. I knew we'd never get another chance to visit, so we decided to stop there on the way home and I'm so glad we did. 

Ohio University where my mother went to college from 1945-1949

I know this will sound strange, but I honestly felt like my mother was there guiding us as we explored the campus. I wanted to find the School of Journalism where my mother, a journalism major (like both her mother and father had been), would have spent much of her time. After a bit of digging, I found that, at that time (in the mid-1940s), the School of Journalism was in the basement of Ewing Hall. As my husband and I sat in our car in a random parking lot, he put "Ewing Hall" into his GPS and excitedly said, "Carol--it says it's right there!" We looked up and could actually read the sign on the building from our car. Thanks, mom!

Ewing Hall sign where I assumed my mother's School of Journalism was. Nope! It actually was demolished in 1974 and this Ewing Hall is now a residence hall.

We got out of the car and began walking across the college green. I took great comfort (and got a bit teary-eyed!) knowing that my mom had once walked these grounds, too. She loved her four years at college and I can see why. It is a lovely, lovely campus and the setting reminded me so much of western New York where she (and I) grew up!

The beautiful rolling hills that surround the campus are so reminiscent of where my mom, dad, and I grew up!

Ohio University buildings and landmarks

After we walked the campus a bit, we decided to get in the car and drive into the town of Athens where the university is located. I was so excited when I spotted this cute, old theater as I just knew mom had spent time there when she was a student. 

The Athena theater has been operating since 1915 and is today owned by Ohio University. "Miracle on 34th Street" came out in 1947--I wonder if mom happened to see it here?

As we drove down a side street, we were suddenly stopped by construction that had blocked the road so we had to turn around. We parked the car on the side of the street and I told my husband I wanted to try to find my mother's sorority house where she had spent so many happy days. I found the address of the Chi Omega house online and my husband, once again, plugged it into his GPS. He said, "It says we're already here!" I looked out the window to my right and (yes, I had shivers at this point), the sorority house was right there--literally right outside my car window! I was so excited as I got out of the car to take a photo. If I had been a braver soul, I probably would have walked up the stairs and knocked on the door, but...

My mom often talked about how much she loved sorority life in this house (except for freezing in her attic room during the winters when she was an underclassman!)

We drove on and I said to my husband, as we were stopped at a traffic light, we can go home now, but I'd just like to find one last building with Ohio University  inscribed on it so I can get one final photo. Just then, the light changed to green and as I looked up, I saw this...

Haning Hall was originally the Athens Post Office, but was acquired by the university in 1964. Surely mom walked those steps as she mailed letters to family and friends back home.

I truly felt that mom was there guiding us as we stepped back into time on her college campus. It gave me such a sense of peace as I pictured her there young and happy and full of life. I'm so glad we drove out of our way a bit to get a better sense of her life during those four special college years. She graduated in 1949 with a degree in Journalism and went on to work for a magazine in Cleveland, Ohio before she married my dad four years later. A real career girl at a time in history when most women didn't attend college, married young, and immediately started a family. She never stopped loving the written word and, until her eyes failed her in her late 80s, she was an avid reader. She will also be fondly remembered for those epic poems she wrote each of her nine grandchildren on their 16th birthdays!

From the top left: Mom (sitting on the left) reading with her sorority sisters; Mom (in the middle) wearing typical 40's fashion with the bobby socks, loafers, and saddle shoes--and don't forget the string of pearls; in the lower left is mom with the all-male editorial staff of her college newspaper. I'm sure she felt right at home since her dad owned and published a small weekly newspaper where she was put to work during the summer.

I know many of you won't be that interested in the above account of my side-trip to mom's university, but I treat my blog as a bit of a personal journal, too, and I'm so happy to have all of these special memories written down to look back on!

I'd like to share one more special photo that I took this month. I've been having a great deal of trouble waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to fall back asleep for hours. On this special night, though, I was glad... Just look at the sight that was outside my window! This was taken at 2:59 in the morning of August 13th. I know--it looks like daylight! The moon was so brilliant and spectacular and the cross formation took my breath away!

It was the middle of the night, but the moon shone so brightly, it illuminated my entire back yard!

Well, that winds up another long post! I hope you all enjoy your month of September and find more stitching time as autumn approaches. I feel like I haven't done nearly as much stitching as normal--part of it is that I haven't been home as much and part of it is getting distracted by other projects (like cleaning out the attic!!).  Enjoy your Labor Day weekend, everyone! Bye for now...


  1. I enjoy reading about your journeys. They are so well written and informative. The angels are darling and will look nice on your tree. Could be one of those angels guiding you through Ohio U was your mom. Angels appears in all sorts of form. Enjoy the last days of summer. Take care.Sherry

  2. I enjoyed reading about your mum's university days, how lively to be able to visit places that she went to, she wa s definitely with you and guiding you that day. I've recently had a similar experience where I thought my mum was guiding me to something, so I understand you completely.
    Love the angel finishes and your tiered tray looks great. Glad everyone has recovered from Covid, enjoy your long weekend with little B. Xx

  3. Your four angels are just darling Carol.
    What a lovely trip you and Tim had in Ohio. :)
    I hope you are able to sleep better soon my friend.

  4. Carol, those angels are precious...I love each and every one...and also wish BOAF would release some of their older charts..they would be in great demand!
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your visit to OU and it brought back many memories from when we visited our daughter there. I'm glad you found comfort there following your Mom's 'guidance"!
    That photo is amazing...definitely worth waking up for.

  5. Carol, I enjoyed reading about your side trip to your Mom's alma mater. What memories to add and to treasure. Your Charity and Love angels are darling. Hmm, my favorite is still the Hope one. I agree with you on BOAF re-releasing those designs that are OOP and so hard to find. Enjoy the coming weekend spent with Mister B (and of course, his parents). Beautiful photo of the night sky!

  6. Oh, I enjoyed your visit to your mom's alma mater. The photos and your stories to go along with them were fun to read. Glad to hear your family is recovered and that you'll be with them this weekend... Enjoy! And the angels are so cute. My favorite one is 'Hope'. I won't be decorating for Fall this year as the house is on the market. I'm going to miss it for sure. I usually decorate Labor Day Weekend, oh well. Next year I'll be in a new house and will enjoy decorating it! Have a great weekend...

  7. Hi, Carol!
    I always enjoy reading about your journeys and daily life, but today's felt really special. Those angels are very beautiful! My favourite one is Charity, that shade of green looks lovely. I'm sure they like their hair dye. ;-)
    Enjoy your grandson visit! Hope you're able to sleep better soon.

  8. I so enjoying reading about your family! So glad you get to see your Grandson and family this weekend! As always you stitching is beautiful! Maybe your grandson will wear you out and you can sleep!They are pretty good at that!

  9. Loved reading this Post so much, Carol.
    Your visit into your Moms Past was beautiful to read, so special.
    Your Ornament are lovely, such adorable little Angels. I love Peace and Hope, but they‘re all lovely.
    And i‘m glad Mr.B‘s and bis Family is feeling well again.
    Your last Picture is so stunning. I hope your sleep will get better soon and sending all the best wishes for more Summerdays for you, across the Pond. Take care

  10. Hi Carol, I just love your angel ornaments. About 12 years ago I kitted them and still have all of the parts in a ziploc bag just waiting to start them. Why I can't get around to it, I have no idea but your pictures inspired me to make a good attempt to get at least one done by Thanksgiving. Thinking of starting with "Love" because I can't wait to stitch that cute dress. I enjoyed hearing about your mom and her university days. It reminds me a lot of my grandma who seems to have been her same age. My grandma was also a bit ahead of her time in her pursuit of a career. Growing up in the S.F. bay area her school of choice was UC Berkeley and her field was economics and market analysis. It put her squarely in a man's field at the time but it didn't bother her a bit.

  11. So glad to hear grandson is recovered enough to show off his terrible twos! Two really is a fun age despite the challenges.

    I enjoyed your details of your day at Ohio University. I was in Athens a few years ago and took photos of that same movie theater! I thought the campus looked like the quintessential college campus, like something you'd see in a movie set at a college. I love that photo of your mom with all the college boys. So awesomely vintage! It does indeed sound like she might have been guiding you around that day.

  12. Oh my, your trip to look around the university is absolutely amazing. I love history and seeing places that my family went to so reading about your experience and finding everything really resonates with me.
    The angels are delightful, I think my favourite is Charity as I like the design of the dress the best. I agree with you that doing the lettering in the same colour as the dress works really well. X

  13. Oh those darling Angels are so lovely .
    Good to hear your little one is back to himself .
    I feel your pain with missing your mother .
    She was so beautiful and I love the photos.
    The moon is just eye watering .
    We had some lovely big orange moons this year.
    It's sad to say good bye to our Summer it always goes so quick.
    But hey we do get to do a little more stitching so that's our treat for Autumn and Winter .
    Have a lovely September my sweet friend.

  14. I have enjoyed reading this blog post so much,Carol and your visit to your mom's student days was particularly poignent.
    Beautiful stitching as always with lovely finishing off.
    I am glad mister B is better now.Our two elder grandsons are recovering from Covid as I type.
    The photo of the moon is stunning.Nature is beautiful. Hope you have a blessed September
    Lesley x

  15. Hello Carol,
    your angle ornaments als so cute, i like them.
    happy stitching

  16. Hello Carol,
    your four angles are so beautiful. Amazing finishes. My favourite is the Love Angle.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely memorys about your mom at the college.
    Ich kann dich gut verstehen, dass du dich dort deiner Mama sehr verbunden gefühlt hast. So ähnlich erging es mir vor ein paar Tagen als ich eine Miniatur Ausstellung besucht habe und dabei an meinen Vater denken musste.
    Genieße das Wochenende mit deinen Lieben und viel Spaß mit Mister B.
    Big Hugs, Manuela

  17. Good Morning Carol. I am so pleased to meet you and to share your morning. This is my first visit to your blog, and I sincerely hope it will be the first of many. My name is Lynn, and i live in Nova Scotia Canada. Like you I love summer, and wish it could be extended. This morning, Sept 1st, the dew is heavy on the grass, and the great herons have arrived in larger numbers. The sand pipers are scurrying across the sand bars, as they visit here during their fall migration. All the signs for me that fall is almost with us. Yesterday the young seals were playing in the strait. They tend to be more active in that way toward fall. They will come in close to shore and play. It is a beautiful sight to watch them rolling, popping u to look around and then keep rolling and diving..
    For me your angels are precious. I couldn't choose a favourite, each one has it's own special charm. Although I haven't done cross stitch in a number of years, those seem very appealing to me. They would be wonderful treasures to make for our grandchildren..
    And I do thank you for your pictures and description of your trip down memory lane thinking of your mom's university time. This is such a special time in our lives.My daughter and I attended Dalhousie University in Halifax, but the timing was so different. I attended as a mature student, so we were there at the same time, and graduated from different programs the same year.
    I hope we have a gentle entry into fall, and well, winter is winter, and we cocoon through it for the most part.

  18. Carol: Thank-you for sharing so much about your Mothers schooling, I find it is a treat to read about other family members in Blogland, it gives many of us a way of getting to know a little more about you.
    I can tell by your writing that your love for your Mother is immense.
    Beautiful angels, love the soft colors, I am looing forward to seeing them on your tree, I hope you post photos.
    I love summer and the heat, I will miss it so much, here in Minnesota it gets really really cold and icy.
    I bet the terrible twos will go fast, I think you are very lucky to have a grandchild.
    The moon was so bright her last month I could almost read by it, love the photo, that is God's work in motion.


  19. Oh, I loved this post! How wonderful to be led to the buildings you wanted to see and to be able to sense your mom's presence. What a wonderful day, and thank you for sharing this story.

    As usual, your stitching is always wonderful as well as your finishings.

  20. The Angels are all so cute, I also love the Peace Angel.
    Your Bee corner is so cute!
    Thanks for sharing the story & pictures of where your Mom went to college.
    I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  21. I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing your darling ornaments and stitching projects. The blogs are a breath of peace and normalcy and so sweet. Thanks for sharing !

  22. Hi Carol, On the contrary, I loved hearing about your Ohio adventure and the fact that your mom was guiding your visit to campus! Stitching is a wonderful part of life, but there are also many more parts to life and we enjoy hearing about your travels and discoveries, large and small, as well as stitching. I'm just pleased you have continued to keep writing and sharing. As always, your finishes are lovely... and thanks for the reminder about that bee on black... I have to revisit that post and maybe add to my stash! Thanks for the update.

  23. Your completed angel set of ornaments is beautiful! I had to study them a while to pick a favorite. Winning out was "hope." I just love her pretty polk-a-dot dress and her star!

    I've just begun stitching seasonal pieces for my tiered tray, so your wonderful sunflower/beehive pieces have inspired me! I do had up a tray, but I only have one stitched piece in it. I added a couple of other bee accents to fill it in for now!

    I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the campus of Ohio University. I love reading family stories! The mural on the side of the building is gorgeous! I love finding murals and taking pictures of them!

    Have fun this weekend with your family! May you have lots of play time!

  24. Thank your for sharing your Mom's story. It was a wonderful journey into her college years. Yes, your Mom was right there with you!

  25. Thank you very much for sharing your mother's story and the places where she studied.
    The embroideries are fabulous.
    They have enchanted me!
    Hugs from Spain.

  26. I enjoyed reading your visit to your mom's university. Carol, I had an experience so real and so meaningful with a place that my dad had fished at when I was young. Jeff and I took a bike ride there a few years ago. He was so sweet to let me stop all along the river and go down to the edge and just remember. I have never seen so many cardinals in my life. I have often thought maybe they were just traveling with me down the river walk. It was almost unbelievable but Jeff saw them as well. Maybe angels were with us on those journeys. The angel stitches are just perfect in every way. You did an amazing job with them.

  27. Carol, those angel ornaments are just adorable. I would definitely grab the chart for them if it was reprinted.

    I loved reading about your excursion to your Mom's university and seeing the pictures. What a great experience for you.

  28. Hi Carol, I really loved reading your post today. Your Angels are absolutely adorable, and as always, I love how you finished them. You are so patient:) I really enjoyed the tour of OU, as I said before, I grew up close to that area, so it was like going home. There is a branch campus of Ohio University in Lancaster. Now I am starting to ramble, but again, Thank you so much for sharing my friend:)

  29. The angels are so sweet along with their meaningful words. There may now be a run at Target for wicker tier trays. It’s perfect for your bee stitcheries. A visit to Hocking Hills is still on the list. How special to have your mother ‘guide’ on your visit to Athens. What fun to see the places where she spent time. Despite the terrible twos, having a two-yr old around is fun. The later half of this summer, I’ve been distracted as well and grateful the distractions were all good stuff. Enjoy your Labor Day weekend also!

  30. This was such a heart warming post, Carol. Such lovely memories of your dear mom. I know how you miss her so and understand the feeling of how you felt she was near as you toured the university. ( I still feel as my sis is here) Sending you hugs. Your stitching is gorgeous . I can not choose a favorite ; they are all so precious. Have a great weekend.

  31. Carol I am like you in hating to see the sunset earlier and earlier I love the longer daylight,and you just know what is coming. Your stitching and finishing is awesome as always. Have a great Labor day weekend with your family.

  32. I love reading about your mom! Especially about her college experience at a time where women didn't often attended college. Evidence of her independent spirit! We needed women like her to realize that we COULD have a career if we wanted it! It sounds like you had a great trip and that your mom was most definitely guiding your way! xo

  33. Your Mum certainly guided you, it's lovely that you found the places where she had spent her time. Your morning star is perfect, so peaceful and reassuring. I don't put my autumn stitching out until October as September is my birthday month but I do put out my sunflowers pieces and a couple of scarecrow figurines I have. I love your angels, they are beautiful designs.

  34. Again two cute leeches and great finsih. My favorite is the Angel of Love. I'm still working on autumn motifs and it's still summer for me, so it will have to wait a bit before I get them out. Beautiful bee motifs are with you.
    How nice that Mister B is doing better and yes, I remember the time when they wanted to do everything themselves, but that's also how they learn.
    How nice when you can follow in your parents' footsteps and the many stories come to mind. A wonderful experience.
    And wow what an amazing picture, maybe you should wake up in the middle of the night to see exactly that. Thank you for sharing.
    Thanks for your nice post, enjoy your time, Hugs Martina

  35. Oh dear Carol, a very long blog post, I am very touched.
    You put a lot of effort into this post, thank you for that. My favorite is the Peace Angel and it was nice to follow in your mother's footsteps.
    Have a nice weekend, Jutta

  36. Lovely set of angels. I like the Love Angel but agree that the little Peace Dove is very sweet.
    So interesting to hear about your visit to your Mum's University town and campus. How different life in America was in that time period compared to the post-war austerity in the UK. My Mum was born in 1944 and the women in her family had such different lives to your Mum's. Out to work at 14 mostly. It's like a different time period not just a different country!
    I love the idea that your Mum was guiding you around the town to find all the right buildings too.

  37. J'aimerais comme vous que l'été dure toujours. Je redoute l'hiver de plus en plus, le manque de lumière, les jours brumeux, le froid, la pluie, la neige ce n'est pas du tout pour moi... Quelques arbres brunissent aussi chez nous, la sécheresse fait que certains se dépouillent de leurs feuilles par le haut afin de limiter l'évaporation. J'ai appris ça cette année auprès de jardiniers confirmés. Les arbres se protègent.
    Les anges sont merveilleux, pas de préférence pour moi, je les aime tous les quatre.
    Pas de décoration d'automne pour le moment, ce sera pour début octobre. Je pense que si je le faisais maintenant cela mettrai à mal mon moral. Comme je n'ai pas de décoration transitoire je laisse celle de l'été en place.
    Bravo Evelyne, vous allez adorer broder ce joli tableau Summer Time.
    MisterB s'est bien remis du covid c'est une bonne nouvelle. Mon mari Hervé a de nouveau été contaminé il y a 15 jours, le principal symptôme fut et est la grande fatigue. Il est remis mais il est sous vitamines pour se remettre plus vite. Cette fois-ci je ne l'ai pas attrapé, pourtant nous n'avons pas changer nos habitudes dans la maison.
    Votre détour par l'université de votre mère, c'est très émouvant. Votre Maman était avec vous c'est certain. Merci pour ce partage et les photos.
    Souffrant parfois d'insomnies j'ai pu admirer cette lune mais je ne l'ai pas prise en photo. Elle éclairait tout notre petit jardin, c'était magnifique.
    Amitiés de France,

  38. I am so with you on the subject of Summer! It is by far the best season there it. Great stitching on love and charity! Charity's color reminds me of August's birthstone which is peridot. Very cute tray from Target! Great hives and bees too!

    So glad you got to get in a visit to reminisce about your Mom. Such a beautiful young lady. I am sure it is nice to have all those beautiful memories.

    Hope you are having fun with Mr. B!

    Congratulations Evelyn!

  39. Those angels are precious - I think the new Charity one might be my favourite, I just love the soft greens. I also adore your late summer decorations, these golden yellows are perfect for the season :)
    Happy to hear Mr B is healthy again, if a little sassy! Maybe he'll be more inclined to listen to grandma than to mum and dad?
    What a wonderful adventure you had exploring your mums university, and so many special moments. It was really lovely to read about.
    Hope you'll have a great September, and many more golden days!

  40. Oh, Carol! Your sweet Mom was certainly there guiding your steps on your visit to Ohio University. I loved reading about it, and getting little glimpses of her time there. She was a very special person!

    And I loved your little ornaments and hearing that Mr. B has recovered. I'm sure you will enjoy your visit with him!

    You definitely have inherited your Mom's talent in your writing! I loved this post!

  41. What a wonderful posting you’ve shared with us, Carol!! It really is so special! Did Mr.B. and family get to visit you over this past Labor Day weekend? I hope so and I’m sure you really enjoyed their visit. Hopefully, you can share a few picture of that very special grandson - it’s always so much fun to see that cute boy!
    Thanks, too, for sharing your Mom’s attendance at Ohio University. It really was very interesting and it looks like a wonderful location. She truly was “with” you on your tour around campus and town, wasn’t she?
    All of your stitching is so great - you are very creative and make everything so special!!
    Oh, and I must tell you that I love the picture you took of the moon. I think that is the reason you couldn’t get back to sleep that night - you obviously were meant to see it - thank you for sharing it with us!
    Hope all is well for you and your family! 🌺
    Barb R.

  42. My niece graduated from OU in 2013. She loved her time there. The four angels are so adorable. It would be so nice if the charts were reproduced. I, too, think it would be a big seller. Thanks for the inspiration, as always.

  43. I love to read new sites.You are a big talent.
    Have very nice days Eva/Czech Republic

  44. La descrizione del tuo viaggio è stupenda, abbiamo bisogno di tornare alle nostre radici e ripercorrere la vita delle nostre straordinarie mamme. Anch'io sto preparando la casa per l'autunno, anche se fa ancora caldo

  45. What a lovely walk down memory lane at your mom’s Alma mater. Sounds like she had a wonderful college experience and great working life after that. Love your angel ornaments - they are all so cute in their own way!

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    Here is my blog which I was forced to give up for heavy health issues but I stil wish to take it up again now that I’m ok.
    So, here is my blog so that you might have an idea of who I’m and what I love crocheting!
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    Hope you’ll have a lovely Autumn
    Hugs, Marina

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