Thursday, March 26, 2015

Hop to it!

Good morning, everyone! Well, I've procrastinated long enough--it's time to force myself to sit down and write a long-overdue post. Is it really the end of March already? For us Pennsylvanians, March hasn't been kind--we even had snow on the first day of Spring and I hear that we may be in for more of the white stuff tomorrow. There is nothing blooming or greening up and it is all getting rather depressing to be honest. So, in yet another attempt to hurry up Spring, I've been stitching one of my favorite Spring subjects: bunnies!

I've had this La D Da piece called "Briar Rabbit" in my stash for a long, long time, but, to be honest the photo on the leaflet (see below) scared me off a bit. It looked so dark and non-springlike to me that I kept pushing it aside for other pieces. But, I finally got up my nerve to try it on a lighter color linen than was suggested and I just love the result! I used 40 ct. antique white Newcastle with the suggested DMC threads (although I had to change the bunny tail to Week's Dye Works "Taupe" so it would show up on the lighter fabric).

To finish him off into one of my little pillows, I first took a single thread of DMC 3858 and tied a wee bow around his neck. This wasn't charted, but I thought it made him look even sweeter. I then sewed a small pillow using the beautiful floral fabric shown in the background and a yellow bow on the side.

Briar Rabbit finish

And here is a close-up of the bunny and his burgundy bowtie--what a cutie!

The original La D Da chart looks like this...  What a difference the fabric you choose can make!

Another bunny hopped into my life this month in the form of this adorable design that can be found in the April 2015 issue of "Just Cross Stitch Magazine". It is called "Primrose Maiden" and is designed by The Little Stitcher (whose designs I just love!). This looks very different from the photo in the magazine, though, as I changed all of the orange colors to blues... It is stitched on 40 ct. raw Newcastle with DMC threads (if anyone wants the color changes that I made, just email me). 

For this finish, I used some complementary blue and golden-yellow fabrics and ric rac and added a small accent square featuring one of the stitched white flowers in the lower right. At the corner where the ric rac intersects, I placed a white button topped with a cut of blue and white gingham ribbon. I'm so pleased with how it turned out! 

Primrose Maiden finish

I also finished my second Prairie Schooler Santa that I am doing in my Sunday SAL with Melissa in Canada and Hilda in Austria. This handsome guy caring for his feathered friends is from the "Kris Kringle" chart (Book No. 62). He is stitched on 40 ct. raw Newcastle with most of the suggested DMC threads (I did substitute DMC 520 for 3362, though, as it just wasn't showing up well).  I will have to set a date and get busy on finishing these Santas into ornaments as I really don't want to leave them all until December...

Prairie Schooler Santa Kris Kringle (Book No. 62)

I also received a very special gift that I'd like to show you which was sent by one of my blog readers and friends, Sylvia (no blog) from New Mexico. Sylvia  had read this post that I shared with you about the special meaning that cardinals have held for me since Dad died and asked me if I would like a copy of an old book she owned called The Song of the Cardinal by Gene Stratton Porter. Old book? Cardinal? Why, yes--I would love to receive it! I was so very touched when I opened her package to find not only the beautiful old book, but the most lovely and lovingly stitched cardinal ornament. Isn't it a beauty? It brought tears to my eyes that Sylvia would make this for me--I wish you could see it as it is even prettier in person. And she included some cardinal and Pennsylvania stickers and a pretty snowflake bookmark all wrapped up in cardinal-red tissue paper. Absolutely gorgeous!

Here is a better look at the sweet ornament and the title page of the old book. I will treasure them both, Sylvia, my friend--your generous spirit truly touched my heart... Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A special cardinal gift from Sylvia!

March has been a very noisy month around here! We have workmen putting a new floor in our garage attic and all that pounding and sawing isn't exactly conducive to relaxing with my stitching. I can't just seem to sit and relax while they're here so reading, stitching, and watching television are all out. Instead, I've been cleaning out drawers and sorting through things that should have been discarded long ago. I can't even tell you the number of bags of "stuff" we've sent on to thrift shops.  What a great feeling it is to organize your life! I've also been sprucing up the house for spring a bit. I'm just loving my new corner cupboard in the kitchen--it is such fun to decorate for the seasons!

I've tucked a few cross stitch pieces onto each shelf... The top shelf houses my newest pillow and three of my Dedham Pottery reproduction bunny ceramics. I've been collecting Dedham Pottery bunnies through Ebay auctions for a number of years now and currently have almost 50 of the blue and white pieces here in my kitchen.

The middle shelf has a vintage yellow bird that I found up in the attic which I think came from my mother-in-law many years ago. He looks quite cheerful sitting there with a bird print, some cross-stitching, and an old lace doily.

And the bottom shelf  has a larger Dedham pottery bunny, a tiny Spring pillow, and a yellow flower pot filled with dried baby's breath left over from my husband's Valentine's Day flowers last month.

I've created so many bunny / spring cross-stitched pieces over the past six years that they are flowing out of my wooden bowl so I had to come up with additional ways to display them. I put together this spring-time vignette on the sideboard of my kitchen that I'm so pleased with. I used to collect tiny bunny ceramic figurines when my sons were young and you can see some of them on top of the cake plate (which was a wedding gift nearly 38 years ago!). The opened book behind the candle is about--what else--bunnies! That bunny sampler tucked into the back corner is from an early "Just Cross Stitch" magazine; according to the date on the back, I stitched it in 1993!

The bunnies are taking over!

We celebrated my oldest son's 33rd birthday on Sunday with these yummy brownies that he found online and wanted me to bake for him. They were  gooey and scrumptious (and just "a bit" decadent!). You can find the recipe for these Chunky Cheesecake Brownies right here. The only change I made was to put half the amount of chocolate chips in the cream cheese layer as was recommended by other bakers. Unfortunately, my son had a terrible cold so he couldn't even taste his birthday treat--I'll have to make them again very soon.

Chunky Cheesecake Brownies

I hope that the next time I post, there will be warm breezes and spring flowers starting to pop up around here! That may be wishful thinking, but winter can't last forever, can it? Until then, I hope you know how much your comments, emails, and friendships mean to me--stitchers are the best!! Do you have any special plans for the weekend? I'm so looking forward to tomorrow as my youngest son will be visiting for three days and we haven't seen him since Christmas. Time to spoil him with his favorites: pot roast, grilled cheese sandwiches, and homemade cookies... Comfort food! Bye for now...


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous eye candy!!!
    Love looking through your blog posts, such inspiration, and i'm really trying to get my mojo back.

  2. Your finished pieces are just darling. That fabric sure did make it look like a different chart. Love the addition of the sweet bow.

    I sure hope spring come soon for you all up north. We had cold temps down here this year, nothing compared to what ya'll had but cold enough to know why I don't live in Ohio anymore. LOL

    Wishing you warm breezes soon!

  3. Hi Carol!
    What a lovely post! I always get so much pleasure from seeing your beautiful stitching, photos and baking, and reading your posts.
    Your stitching is wonderful, and always so inspirational - it certainly makes me reach for my needle!
    I will email very soon.
    Take care of yourself, my dear friend,
    With love,

  4. Lovely finishes, Carol, and a beautiful gift from your friend. You've charmingly displayed your spring pieces. If it's any consolation we're having similar weather to you - the weather was much nicer before spring actually arrived. Alas, it is what it is.

  5. Lovely finishes as usual Carol. I love the addition of the bow on the bunny it was a brillant idea.

  6. Even though you don't post that often, you sure make up for it when you do!! Absolutely love your changes on Briar Rabbit. Thank you for all the beautiful photos & ideas.

  7. Wow, Briar Rabbit looks great on the lighter fabric. Too dreary on the darker stuff. This weekend is the beginning of my spring cleaning! I've made a list and they include cleaning a spare bedroom that's become a large junk drawer and putting up new curtains and a new rod. Wish me luck on drilling the holes! Your Spring decorating and stitched items are beautiful. And what a nice gift from Slvia, the book is extra special! Wish I could reach right through this screen and grab a brownie! Have a nice day today Carol!

  8. Beautiful finishes, and i think your easter rabbit stitching looks way better than the original chart.

  9. A lovely post Carol. So many beautiful things to look at. I love all your bunny finishes and seeing The Little Stitcher piece I am now very sad that I stopped my subscription to the mag. I think I'll look at getting the download!

    Happy Belated Birthday to your son. Those brownies look delicious.

  10. What lovely finishes, and such a nice "tour" of your spring decorating. I hope having all those bunnies keeping you company makes the weather seem a bit less dreary! Sylvia's gift is so sweet; I grew up on Gene Stratton Porter books. And while it may be time for breakfast here, you've made me awfully hungry for brownies! So glad you're having chances to cook for your "boys".

  11. I so enjoy your posts as I always like seeing your finishes. Your Easter displays are cute and festive. At least you are springy inside. I, too, am ready for spring and to be outside.

  12. As always, some exquisite finishes in this post! I love them all :)
    Brownies are one of my favourite cakes, yours look just delicious!

  13. Carol
    I always refresh my coffee cup when I see you have a new post! Love to catch up with you and your stitching. I stated Briar Rabbit years ago...on the dark fabric and like him but yours sure is more like spring....great job!

    Love your bunny collection. I have that same little yellow pot.....yellow always cheers me up.

    HAPPY EASTER to you and yours.

  14. I just love the way you finish things! The little bow tie is perfect and really adds to the bunny finish. And the combination of yellow and blue is wonderful for spring. Your shelf must be so much fun to decorate and redecorate! Your friend who sent the cardinal things has such a generous heart - that's a gift God gives only a few I think so you are both blessed. blessings, marlene

  15. Good morning, Carol! Your posts always bring a smile. I really like your new bunny finishes and I can't get over the difference your fabric choice made in Briar Rabbit. Wow! I like the blue changes in the Little Stitcher piece as well! Your bunny vignettes are precious. What a thoughtful gift to receive from Sylvia.

    Enjoy the upcoming weekend and the time spent with your youngest son!

    Robin in Virginia

  16. Hi Carol. What a lovely newsy post as always. It's like a nice visit with a friend. :) Your bunny stitching is adorable. I hope signs of Spring begin appearing for you soon. This weekend, we have a pair of baby showers planned for our daughter and son-in-law. We are hosting the guy shower at our house. We have family coming in from away, so it will be wonderful to see them all.

  17. Beautiful spring/bunny finishes and Prairie Schooler santas are always fun!

  18. I loved looking at all your bunnies! I especially like the blues and yellows together. So cheerful! I hope you have a great weekend. Hugs!

  19. Hi Carol- I just love how you make such great changes to your stîtching projects- what a beautiful difference it made to Briar Rabbit. And I love the Little Stitcher color changes too. You remind us that it's okay to try something different, make it personal and makes it unique and beautiful!

    I always, always, always love to read your posts and so enjoy your wonderful displays of your finished pieces. Seriously, you really do inspire all of us. Your creativity seems boundless - I love the little button with the blue checked ribbon - so inspired & so charming!

    The gift from Sylvia is so sweet - what a precious, generous gift to you.

    Good luck with the cleaning, sorting, purging and construction - stressful but isnt it a great feeling when you're done?

    More importantly, enjoy a wonderful visit with your son!!

    xo - Barb

  20. How lovely your posts are to read - it's like a virtual visit with a dear friend I hadn't met yet. My aunt just gave me The Song of the Cardinal for this past Christmas. It's a charming book, and a generous and caring gift that you were blessed with. I too am more than ready for Spring - it still looks and feels like mid-winter here in New Hampshire. Thanks for brightening up a dreary day.

  21. Can I just tell you, I teared up myself from the loving kindness of Sylvia. How beautifully special.♥
    Hooray for bunnies! I should show the boys your pictures and say, "See? I do NOT have too many poodles about the house!!" ;)

  22. What a great touch to have that little stitched flower in the corner. And your cardinal gifts are so sweet, beautiful ornament in the perfect red thread. Now what do you mean - the "s" word is in the forecast? NOOO!!!

  23. Such pretty finishes Carol ! I love seeing all your displays this time ! Your new hutch and your cakeplate display are wonderful ! Hope the weather gets better ! We had 5 inches of snow Monday but most of it is gone ..

  24. Hi Carol,
    Wonderful post, thank you, as one poster said you are an inspiration to all of us.

    Love the bunnies and the way you displayed them. Your finishing is beautiful.
    Spring is coming :)
    Carol C

  25. Hi Carol, lovely embroidery, as always with an exquisite finish. I really like your bunny with bow, it gives a perfect touch. And that embroidered esquinita and bounded by ric rac ribbon on, looks good.
    Looks nice header on your blog and all your precious embroideries.
    a kiss

  26. Hi Carol!! I finally got caught up on your posts over the last 6 months :-) You know that PSS keeps me otherwise detained, LOL! I must say, you have been as busy as ever...and just as talented as ever...I love all the finishes you have shared over the months. It is always so inspiring to catch your posts...makes me want to take off from work, head home to my PJs and stitching chair, and spend the entire weekend with needle and thread :-) Since it is my birthday weekend, I think I will do just that too...thanks for the idea, LOL!


  27. Wonderful post my dear..
    Love the sweet bunnies..
    Big hugs xxx

  28. Carol, I love your Briar Rabbit. It's just perfect with that little bow around his neck, then the pretty pillow finish.

    I see that bunny theme bouncing around this post (lol). You are all set for Easter already!

    The brownies look so yummy. Too bad your eldest couldn't taste it. Perhaps he took some home? And now your youngest is coming home and you can have the joy of cooking and feeding a young appetite again!

  29. Ooops, forgot to mention...lovely Cardinal gifts from your friend! So sweet of her.

    And your PS Santa is looking great. That's in my booklet but I haven't stitched him yet.

  30. Oh my gosh your bunnies are so cute! I love the finishes, of course I always do. What a good idea to change the fabric to lighten up the bunny, the bow on the side is beautiful. I feel bad I guess you are getting all our snow this year, but not tooooo bad, spring is coming soon my dear friend!!

  31. Love the bunnies, i like what you did with briar rabbit, cute little bow,
    Nice cardinal gift,
    I wish we would have some green here too, soon!

  32. la tua versione mi piace di più, bellissimi

  33. Beautiful finishes and what a lovely cardinal! Thank you for the recipe (smiles).
    Evalina, This and that...

  34. Such cute bunnies and vignettes!! I was hunting around my house and realized I have NO spring/easter decorations! Not sure how that happened!! LOL

    I agree March has not been so nice weather-wise. We had a few sunny days which was nice even if they were cold!

    Hope your son is feeling better!

  35. I just saw another finish of that La D Da bunny on a blog. Yours is much brighter and springier..looks great with that nice backing fabric too. Love your color changes on Primrose Maiden to match your fondness for all things blue.

    What a sweet cardinal package. Very thoughtful gift.

    Brownies to die for! You always find the best recipes!

  36. Lovely finishes! I like your Briar Rabbit so much more than the model one.

  37. Lovely finishes Carol. I much prefer the bunny stitched on the fabric that you chose, much more Spring like. Sorry to hear that Spring hasn't arrived in your part of the world yet, hopefully it is just around the corner. There is nothing like Spring flowers to brighten up the day. Have a lovely few days with your son. Jan xx

  38. Your finishes are so darn cute and your cupboards are very pretty. So fresh and springy.


  39. Your Spring finishes are wonderful and your Spring decorating is lovely!! And, the Cardinal gifts you received are really nice.

  40. we too still have winter...woke up to a new layer of that white stuff lol oH yes your lovely lovely projects...oh I love the yellow ribbon on your bunny...all those wee accents just make them stand out so well

  41. Your spring finishes are lovely, Carol.
    Isn't it amazing what color changes in fabric and floss bring to our needlework?

    The cupboards are so festive for spring. Each time I look, I spot something different!

    Such a thoughtful gift from Sylvia. Stitching friends are truly blessings in many ways.

    Congratulations on your "PS Sundays." You are going to have a nice little collection finished for this year.
    I love how different each Santa is that you have stitched so far.

    Enjoy your visit with Steven. It's so good when our chicks are back in the nest, even if it's for a short time.


  42. Hello!

    Your rabbit is so nice, I like it!!!
    Your colours are perfect!


  43. Wow love all those bunnies on display.

    Wonderful stitching all beautiful .

    Love the change of colour on the last stitching I am also stitching this one .

    Your displays are so beautiful .

    Enjoy your time with your son hugs.

  44. I love your finishes wish I was that good. I hope to finish some more smalls to practice some more

  45. Wow, what a wonderful collection of spring projects! I love your little bunny pillow complete with bow. What a wonderful display.

  46. Your shelf for decoration for various periods is very beautiful! I fancy in her cross-stitch and all things vintage, it's so sweet!
    A cake - yum, yum:-)))

  47. Your little Primrose Maiden is so perky and cute and precious. You finished it with such special touches - the rick rack in perfect color matches (LOVE the yellow fabric), the ribbon drawn through the button, and the special corner block to match the larger design. All these things take extra time to construct, but when you look at the final result, it's perfectly perfect!

  48. Love this post, as always! The gifts from Sylvia were so perfect and beautiful. As always, thanks for sharing with us--always so inspiring! Hugs!

  49. Beautiful finishes. I like your fabric choice for Briar Rabbit. What beautiful gifts you received.

  50. Wow, the bunnies are sure taking over ha ha! Just love them! As usual your stitching and finishing are just gorgeous!Love that primrose maiden by The Little Stitcher, may I know your colors change?

    The brownies sure look yummy...Hope your spring flowers will start to bloom soon!


  51. A wonderful post Carol. Your March header is lovely and I did enjoy all your spring/ bunny crosstitches. Just gorgeous. Happy spring to you. We here in N.Z. are enjoying a very Mild Indian summer like Autumn. Unfortunately we go back an hour at Easter time and that usually is the start of cooler times. Best wishes Shirley

  52. Your Briar Rabbit piece is so bright and cheery! I think that stitching a piece like that can definitely get a person into a more springlike state of mind. All your spring and rabbit finishes are so darling and so cleverly displayed around your home. Congrats on receiving such a wonderful cardinal package from your friend.

  53. All of your beautiful bunny projects make it seem like Spring. I have tried to push some Spring your way, but the weather is just not cooperating! I love the way you decorate your cupboard. It gives me ideas on how to use smalls. You do it so well. The brownies are making me hungry! I hope your DS will be well soon and can enjoy them.

  54. It may be cold outside, but your home is so pretty decorated for spring! I hope spring arrives for you soon!

  55. What a great post full of inspiration and the definite promise of Spring just around the corner.
    I love the way the La da da design turned out. I have that pattern too and like you have pushed it aside for something brighter. I am definitely going to stitch it now. I also love the Little Stitcher bunny and will email you for your alternative colours as yours are lovely. Your clever finish is really effective. Its always the finishes that stump me which is why I have a drawer full of unfinished things :-)
    Your corner cabinet display is really pretty and so is the sideboard display. Everything is so inspiring. I'm stitching the little Just Nan leaping bunny at the moment.
    Lastly, what a wonderful caring and exciting gift from Sylvia. The book will become a family heirloom, I'm sure. Xx

  56. The linen change on the La-D-Da piece was so smart! I love the look - much better IMO than the original.

    I sure hope it warms up for you soon. We've had our a/c on for a while now. You know how much I don't enjoy summer here! '

    The brownie look delicious!

  57. Lovely stitching and gorgeous finishes as always Carol.


  58. Oh such lovely stitching! You always have such cute ways of finishing your pieces too. I just love Briar Rabbit and Primrose Maiden! The PS Santa is sweet as well, especially the birds and birdhouse.

    Wonderful package from Sylvia! I look forward to seeing the Cardinals in my backyard everyday.

    It's not too springy outside, but you sure have it springy inside! Have a great weekend.

  59. Lovely pieces! I just love bunnies. Your displays are perfect.

    It's certainly not spring in Miami. We already skipped spring and jumped into summer.

  60. What a difference your choice in fabric made to the La-D-Da bunny! I enjoyed seeing all your spring / bunny decorations, and as always, your finishing is so spot on!

  61. Your finishes are always so pretty!!:)
    Belated Birthday wishes to your son. Hope both your sons will again get to taste the cake this weekend :)
    I love your kitchen exhibits in the corner . I thought I would create a separate glass covered area in my kitchen for decorative purpose and it's there now but I am so tired after cooking and cleaning that I hardly think about what to decorate in it.

  62. I always love your finishes Carol but I think my favorite one so far is Briar Rabbit. What a difference the fabric makes! Love all your displays around your home too :)

  63. Such beautiful beautiful pictures! Your finishes are a sight to behold, love all the bunnies!

  64. Beautiful bunny display Carol. I love bunnies too and always love seeing your stitched bunnies. Glad to hear you have Spring on the way, I hope it arrives soon for you. We are soon heading into Autumn. The leaves are starting to fall already, it's a pretty time of year. Unfortunately with it comes the cooler weather.

    I have not been stitching lately due to lack of motivation and lots going on in my life but I hope to pick up needle and thread for comfort and relaxation soon enough. In the meantime it is always lovely looking at yours and others beautiful stitching.
    What a beautiful pillow Sylvia stitched for you, I can imagine you would have been brought to tears, very touching.
    Stitchy friends are the best!

    Those brownies you baked for your son look delicious! shame he couldn't taste them but I am sure he will get to taste them soon enough. I hope he had a lovely birthday celebration.

  65. What gorgeous finishes, I like your version of the La D da rabbit so much better than the original

  66. What a fantastic post Carol! So many lovely bits to look at and drool over! (speaking of drool....that chunky'm going to have to try...thanks for the link!)
    I like your version of the La Dee Dah bunny much better....and the little bow is simply so sweet! Finishes him off perfectly:)

  67. So great to discover your latest two finishes. Just beautiful. After seeing your Briar Rabbit all finished up when I saw your post the first time I had to go to my craft room and pull out my own version that I stitched some years ago but that had dwelled in my box of unfinished stitched pieces for way too long. And I decided to finish it, finally. Unfortunately I didn't leave an edge broad enough for lace and ribbons, so I have to think a bit longer about how to finish him. Your version is so so beautiful.

    What a delight to see your various ways of displaying your spring and rabbit stitching. They will be an invitation for Spring to come your way.

    The cardinal gift you received from your friend must be so very special for you.

  68. Briar Rabbit turned out so pretty.
    Totally different from the cover pic.
    I've noticed that her cover pics are mostly Sepia colors.
    I am stitching La D Da's A Sister's Garden, and it too, is way more colorful than the pic.
    What great Cardinal items you received.
    All of your Spring finishes are so cute.

  69. What lovely finishes! I just love reading your blog to see what beautiful new treasures you have created.

    Couldn't agree more about the winter. I live in NE Ohio and I am still waiting for the last of the snow piles to melt away.

  70. Sorry to hear you're in for more snow. I want spring so desperately! I bet you do too. Love your finishes, love the gift as well! Happy belated 33rd to your oldest -- too bad he had a cold. I'm going to bookmark those brownies -- they look so yummy! Hope spring arrives asap!

  71. What cheerful finishes and such a thoughtful gift! I have a collection of old Gene Stratton Porter books that were my grandmother's when she was a young girl. Apparently they were quite the thing 100 years ago!

  72. Such pretty pieces. The pattern looks so much better in the lighter color. The bunnies look cute all around the house. Spring cleaning is always good to do. Out With the old and making room for the new. Spring will come soon. How nice you celebrated your sons birthday. The cardinal gift was sweet and kind.

  73. I don't think my original comments saved Carol,trouble with the robot!!!so here goes again.
    Your Briar Rabbit is very pretty.It looks lovely on your chosen fabric.
    What lovely,thoughtful gifts you received:)
    I love your bunny and stitching displays.
    Happy Birthday to your son. I hope his cold is getting better.
    It is lovely when a son or daughter visits especially when you have not seen them for a while.
    It is our elder son's 34th birthday today. I am waiting for his dad to come home from work so that we can go and visit him. His wife is giving him a party.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  74. Wonderful easrter stitching! Lovely bright colors and this breath of spring air!

  75. Your post was a wonderful breath of spring, even if it doesn't seem like it outside.

  76. Love the rabbit, you are so right the lighter fabric is so much better.
    Love all your picks the brownies look so yummy.


  77. Your bunnies are so cute, Carol! oh, the brownies look scrumptious! I am currently dieting...I was clinging onto weight that I'd 'found' when expecting Ivy. I'm now 8lbs down with 8lb to go. I feel sooo much better, but, dear me, it's hard work!

  78. Enjoy your family time Carol, it's a pity your son couldn't enjoy your lovely home baking. I think rabbits translate well into all forms of craft - I know that I like to stitch them as well as knit them:-)

  79. Hi Carol!!! I really love to follow your news! I love this bunnies and the amazing pinkeeps that you did!Easters decoration is perfect and colorfull! The gift is very cute! Congratulations!

  80. Oh my - your home looks so springlike and ready for Easter. Love all your stitching & finishes but "Briar Rabbit" is my favorite.
    What a wonderful gift from Sylvia.
    I loved GSP's "Freckles".
    I have JM's "One Plus One" and am looking forward to reading it.

  81. Beautiful stitching Carol - I love all your pieces. So glad Spring is here in the UK xx

  82. Love what you stitched a your finishing - lovely.

    The gifts you received from Sylvia is certainly very special

    Your spring decorating should help a bit - winter just wants to hang on!!

  83. What a lovely post! I think it's great fun to change things up in designs, like changing out the linen as you did. One day soon I'll start that project I bought at The Attic and see if my choices look as good as I think they will. :D

  84. Love the ribbons you added to the rabbit. And the finishing on your little pillow is cute too.

  85. Ahhh. Such a wonderful finish on Briar Rabbit. It looks so different on your changed linen. Love the finish too with the ribbon. Your other pillow is just as sweet. I like the addition of the extra block of stitching in the opposite corner. A great Spring display too. I hope Spring appears soon for you I wouldn't want you to miss out. :) We put the clocks forward tonight, an hour less in bed but an hour of extra daylight in the evening! Have agreat weekend.

  86. What a beautiful post. I just love all your bunnies - stitched and ceramic - and the lovely displays you have created for them. Hope you have a wonderful visit with your son!

  87. There were about 4" of snow in Erie County Saturday morning! But spring weather will come; and before long, we'll all be whining about the heat. lol

    I always love your posts and seeing you how you finish your pieces. Today it's still really cold, and I'm looking forward to starting to stitch Peter and Peep.

  88. Such a pretty post full of bunnyness.... I loved seeing all your new creations and revisiting some old favourites that I have watched you make up previously.
    Your shelf and cake stand look so lovely and springish.
    A very kind gift you received, a book is always a treasure to receive, especially you being a librarian.
    Love and best wishes for a blessed Easter time, enjoy your time with your son.

  89. Such a lovely post Carol. Your stitching were all finished beautifully, hope you won't mind me copying a few of your ideas...
    Happy week!

  90. More snow still???
    We are having strom winds and many rain here, also not fun, sometimes a bit sun, but not much.
    Cute bunny you stitched, you also finished it up so beautifull!!
    The next is a small bunny, you wote bunny, but I really had to look good to find it.. hihihi. love the extra flower in you finish, beautyfull done.. great fabric choose!
    And a nother Santa finished.. you have been busy with you needles ;)).
    Beautifull gifts!

    I love your Kitchen cupboard.. it's looking so great!!.
    I really love the cake plate.. and it al looks so pretty!!
    Your kitchen must give you so many Spring feelings....
    Happy Birthday to your Son.. mmm looks so yummy!!
    Enjoy your week
    Have fun with your needles

  91. Hi Carol! Your creations are wonderful! I love your sweet bunny and their colors! I'm your last follower :)
    Hope you have a wonderful Easter!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  92. What a beautiful post, Carol!
    Your stitching and Easter decor are darling! All the cute bunnies, just so sweet. I love the way you finished the Little Stitcher design, with the flower on the corner, two colors of fabric,
    yellow ricrac and the button and bow. Looks perfect! I wish you a wonderful and blessed Easter, and hope Spring arrives soon for you!

    Ana Paula.

  93. Love your finishes Carol! Your cardinal gifts are very lovely. Love your spring decorations and bunnies. I have a thing for bunnies that seems to grow every year. I looked for bunnies at my recent trip to the thrift store and found 2 really cute ones. I rescued them and they have a new home. LOL!
    Have a great week!


  94. What a difference changing the fabric made for Briar Rabbit, Carol. It is a lovely finish. I also enjoyed seeing your Spring display, you have stitched so many pretty pieces.

    What a beautiful, thoughtful gift from Sylvia.

    Enjoy your son being home for a visit. Happy Easter my friend!

  95. Wow I think that fabric change dramatically changed the look of your Bunny! Wow!

    Lots of great stitching going on.

    What a special gift you received!

  96. Beautiful finishes, Carol. I really like your idea of putting a bow on the bunny. Your version looks so much better than the chart :)

    Your displays are beautiful as well. I don't have that knack. I just put things willy nilly, lol.

  97. Oh Carol, I love coming to see what you've created. The La-D-Da design you stitched is even better than the original!! The sweet yellow ribbon just adds a special touch to the design. Your corner cupboard is perfect for displaying all those lovely seasonal themed stitches and crockery. What a beautiful gift Sylvia made for you. How touching to send you a cardinal in memory of your dear father. I wish I had more time and oomph to make special gifts for people...I know that time is coming to an end for awhile!! Know that I think of you often! Hugs!!

  98. Oops, forgot to add that I love your Easter bowl and Happy Easter!!

  99. I LOVE your Briar Rabbit and ALL of your smalls. I have had Briar Rabbit, but never thought to do it on 40 ct. fabric....LOVELY. You are an inspiration to all of us.

  100. So many beautiful finishes!!!! Love all the photos you always share. Hope your son had a great birthday and that you had a great Easter!

  101. Great stitching and lovely finishing.

    Loved your header. It's so charming and the wonderful Easter displays.

    Hope you had a blessed Easter

  102. Hi Carol,
    I hope you had a lovely Easter! We had a great time visiting family as it was also Mom's birthday.
    You know I can never say enough about how beautiful and inspirational you and your blog are, but one of my favourite things is anticipating 'your bunny'. I also have that La D Da bunny in my stash and I completely agree that the cover does not do it justice at all. Now that I have seen your gorgeous bunny, I think it may have to come closer to the top of the 'to do' pile. I love his burgundy bow tie and what a stunning finish! What an incredible difference changing the fabric made to this little guy!
    The litle Primrose Maiden is just too precious. I love your colour changes. Thanks for the tour of your Easter displays. Your corner cupboard is gorgeous with all its bunnies, stitching and other mementos. I change our corner cupboard each season and it is currently occupied by bunnies as well.
    I am enjoying your Sunday PS Santa stitching - you can never have too many PS Santas (or for that matter, PS anything)!
    I am excited to try the Chunky Cheesecake Brownies.
    What a beautiful cardinal ornament and book you received.
    Carol, I hope spring finds Pennsylvania and that the workmen have finished so that you can relax with your stitching.
    Thanks as always for the time and energy you put into your gorgeous blog and the smile you always put on my face!
    Hugs, Wanda

  103. Gosh, I'm so behind on my blog commenting you've probably already moved on to crafting your next post. Sigh. Better late than never, right? :)

    Just love the changes you made to the bunny. It really is crazy HOW DIFFERENT it looks on that fabric. The coloring now reminds of that PS sunflower piece you did ages ago. (I STILL want to do that one for day!)

    The finishing on the little blue pillow is insane. Ummm, I'm going to have to steal that idea at some point. :)

    It's a wonderful, wonderful gift and very sweet of her. Sylvia, you are awesome. :)

  104. Hello dear Carol,
    so many beautiful things... so lovely bunnies :)

  105. Love your little pillows. I will be over shortly for a brownie Ü

  106. Sorry it's taken a week to come and see your beautiful post. All the bunnies are enchanting, and I just love the new finish! Your version is so much prettier than the sample on the chart! Perfect choices again Carol!

  107. I'm so behind on my blog reading/comments. Your finishes are lovely as always. Very cute bunny display. Your cardinal gifts are beautiful and so thoughtful. Hope you hand your family had a nice Easter.

  108. Carol,

    What beautiful finishes. Your corner cupboard is stunning!


  109. Hello

    What a beautiful blog you have!
    Your stitching is beautiful and finished so perfectly too.
    Happy Thursday x

  110. Hi Carol, oh, how I enjoyed this post. So much gorgeous stitching and finishing. Just too hard to choose a favourite and I am so envious of all of your bunnies. You are such a talented stitcher.

  111. My dear friend,
    I missed this post, but I really enjoyed it reading it now.
    Your stitching are all so cheerful and bright and wonderful.
    I love you you displayed all your Spring stitchings - both in the corner cupboard and on your sideboard!


  112. I hope the weather will get better for you soon =/ Here he had some really great Spring days already but this week it's raining again =( no fun with a little boy at home.. we always go to the park on sunny days :) oh well, at least the winter cold is gone!
    I think Spring and Summer won't ever be the same as it used to be. Years ago, Spring arrived and stayed, summer was hot and heavy :D hehehe Now.. there's a few good weeks, then rain and sometimes even cold! Last year, I remember we had some really low temperatures in May.. I just hope it won't happen again in 2015!
    Wish we could have 'those old seasons' back :p

    Oh I love your Primrose Maiden finish!! Gorgeous!! so soooo beautiful =)

    I have a 1yo boy at home, don't tell me about 'noisy' ;) hahahhaha

  113. That Primrose Maiden is so lovely!!!


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