Thursday, October 18, 2018

Some spooky stitching and a cautionary tale

A frosty good morning to all! We dipped down near the freezing mark this morning in western Pennsylvania after an unseasonably warm October. I am so not ready for the upcoming winter cold, are you? The older I get, the more I seem to hate the snow and ice and layers of clothes I have to heap on to just to keep the chill off. But, unless I move south, I guess I'm stuck with all of this, aren't I? 

So, how has your month been going so far? I've been doing some stitching, but not a lot and only have a couple of smaller finishes to share with you today. Most of you will recognize "J Is For Jack-O-Lantern" from Prairie Schooler's J-K-L book #105. I stitched just the bottom portion of it for a cute, quick addition to my Halloween pillows. My go-to fabric of 40 ct. country mocha Newcastle linen and the suggested DMC threads were used in this latest finish. That black cat is kind of crazy looking, isn't he? But, you long-time readers know what a fan I am of black cats and it's hard for me to resist charts that feature them!

J Is For Jack-O-Lantern

The little pillow combines two different fabrics and a thin handmade cording (I only used two lengths of DMC to create it rather than my usual three or four). At the very top I popped a black pin into the corded bow. I really love the tiny brown and black paisley fabric used on the lower half--wish I could find more. It is perfect for smaller projects like this one.

Another pillow for my Halloween display!

My next "spooky" finish is a Drawn Thread design with the charming name of "Tangled Up In Boo!" In fact, that is why I chose to stitch it as an anniversary gift for my son and daughter-in-law. Can you believe they will celebrate their one year anniversary on Sunday? What a joyous day that was as we welcomed a girl (finally!!) into our family. (If any of my new blog followers would like to read about and see photos of their special wedding day you can click right here).

"Tangled Up In Boo" by the Drawn Thread

Don't you love the expression on the skeleton's face as the winding vines of that giant pumpkin encircle his legs?  And can you spot the wee black buttons that make up the spider bodies? Luckily, I had three buttons in my stash that fit perfectly. The gingham fabric in the background is cut from a kitchen towel and the black frame is one I found in the clearance aisle at Target for $3.00! Nothing fancy, but I think it fits the design perfectly. This piece is stitched on 30 ct. dirty linen using the suggested Dinky Dyes silks. I'm happy to report that my son and daughter-in-law love their very first Halloween decoration and I hope they'll think of me each year when they display it. I wish them a first anniversary as joy-filled as their wedding day was... And, a very Happy Birthday to my sweet daughter-in-law who celebrates today!


An honor from Just Cross Stitch Magazine... I was so surprised to get an email from Brooke Smith, managing editor at Just Cross Stitch Magazine, who asked if they could feature my version of "My Christmas Song" on their Facebook page on October 8th.  She went on to say that they loved how I "switched it up a bit" and what a "beautiful job" I did with it. (Can you see me blushing?)! Anyway, below is the posting of it next to the original so you can see my version of this pretty design. Who knew that the folks at Just Cross Stitch read my blog? I'm truly honored--thank you!

My version of the "My Christmas Song" ornament featured on Just Cross Stitch Magazine's Facebook page

I do have a new start to share with you... Any guesses as to what I might be stitching? Here's a hint--it's an autumn design with some leaves... Ha ha--not very helpful, am I?

Any guesses as to what I am stitching?

Chart giveaway... I haven't had a giveaway in a while and I thought one of you might enjoy stitching these twelve kitty themed seasonal charts. There is one design for each month that features the same kitty doing everything from building a snowman to gardening to celebrating Halloween. You could make them to hang individually in a wreath (as suggested by the photo below) or fill a basket or bowl with all of them. If you are interested in giving these charts a new home, just let me know in your comments and please be a follower of my blog. This giveaway is for three pages torn from an old Leisure Arts magazine--not the whole magazine. If more than one person wants them, I will do a drawing.  PLEASE, PLEASE make sure to include your email in with your comment--I won't be trying to track anyone down if they haven't included their email address... Also, please be aware that I will be folding up the pages and mailing them in a legal sized envelope to save on postage. I'll announce the winner the next time I post...

I'm giving away these cute seasonal cat charts

A cautionary tale... So, who knew that eggs could be dangerous? Certainly not me--or my dear daughter-in-law. She and I decided to share her story of what could have resulted in a very unhappy ending so more people don't suffer a similar trauma. It all began with a hard-boiled egg--a seemingly harmless nugget of white and yellow protein, right? Well, the trouble started when my daughter-in-law put her cold, shelled hard-boiled egg into the microwave for a bit to take off the chill. This was something she had done many times before... But, this time was very different. This time when she bit into the egg, it literally exploded in her month and sent boiling bits of egg everywhere. Her lips and inside of her mouth were injured along with a spot on her face. Thank goodness she had worn her glasses to work that day or her eyes could have been burned also. In the Emergency Room of the nearest hospital she was examined and told she was suffering from second-degree burns! All from an egg--who knew?! 

Apparently this has happened to lots of other people (there are many vidoes and accounts online) who have suffered everything from corneal damage to severe  scarring from the blistering burns. The eggs  explode due to the  rapid heating in the microwave oven which causes steam to build up under the yolk membrane faster than it can escape. I'm happy to say that my daughter-in-law fully recovered with just a bit of a scar visible on her face which will probably fade away with time. And from now on, I imagine she'll be sticking to cold hard-boiled eggs!

The first half of October has passed in a blur...  At the beginning of the month, I was very busy with the return of my youngest son from Panama. He spent five days with us to retrieve all of his worldly possessions which had been "living" in our basement for the six months he was away. It was such fun to spoil him a bit and treat him to his favorite cookies, pot roast, turkey meatballs, and other goodies. He is now happily settled in his new condo near Washington, DC and we hope to visit soon!  The rest of the month has found me driving back and forth to New York to visit my mom who has had some worrisome health problems. I'm going up again on Saturday to stay with her for six days. But, before that, I will be heading off to a mini stitching-retreat today with four friends up in Erie. We rented an Airbnb right on the lake this year rather than stay in the usual Bed & Breakfast (which we thought was "fading" a bit--a nice way of putting it!). Last year, we weren't able to get together so it will be fun to see them and catch up over our stitching for a couple of days.

Thank you all for your comments on my previous post and I apologize for not getting back to some of you. I truly appreciate each of you who takes the time to say "hello!" And I want to welcome my new followers--always happy to have more of  you along for the ride! Please make sure to include your email address if you have a question for me or if you want to enter the giveaway above; otherwise, I have no way of getting back to you. Hope you all enjoy this last  half of October! Bye for now...

Fall baking has begun!


  1. Good morning! How nice to be able to read a new post today. Congratulations on the kind email about your ornament; it really is much prettier than the one printed in the magazine. I decided not to purchase this year's issue as none of the ornaments were anything I liked - until I saw your finish.

    Enjoy your stitchy weekend in Erie. I know you used to meet in my old hometown, and we actually stayed in the same B&B this summer. While we were pleased with everything, I can imagine it must have been pretty grand when you met there originally. Looking forward to reading about your weekend and your projects.

  2. Great post! Fun finishes! Thanks for the chance to win those cute kitty patterns! I follow you/read your blog on always have the most perfect finishes! Have a great day!

  3. Carol, both finishes are just adorable. You are so talented. I know you enjoyed spoiling that son with all his favorites. Doesn't get much better than that. I do hope your mom is okay. I know how hard that can be as well. And a stitching week with friends makes me envious.

  4. Carol, the Halloween finishes are adorable! What an honor to be mentioned on the JCS FB page--your version is terrific!
    Sorry to hear about your DIL and Mom--what a freaky thing to happen with an egg!!! I hope your retreat weekend is a blast and your Mom is improving upon your visit.
    Thanks for anther great post!

  5. Very cute Halloween pieces. I love that skeleton!! Congratulations on a shout out for you and your blog on FB! I'm always amazed at how you can see the possibilities in a chart and make changes that create beautiful pieces.

  6. That is an honor to be mentioned like that by Just Cross Stitch Magazine Carol. They see the beauty in your finishes also!!! Like I said in your last post, I did not even notice that ornament until you stitched and finished it!! Carol, I kid you not, I was JUST thinking of YOU this morning, wondering if you still went on those retreats! Wow! I guess you do! :) Can't wait to hear all about it! I am still praying.❤️❤️

  7. What fabulous Halloween stitches, Carol! Wishing your son and daughter in law the happiest of first anniversaries along with happy birthday wishes to your daughter in law. Glad to hear she is okay! Enjoy your retreat weekend with your friends.

  8. Congrats on your honor at Just Cross Stitch. ( I think yours is MUCH cuter than the original!!) Thanks for sharing about your DIL's experience. I have never heard of that!! Hope she is recovering well. I will pass on the kitty charts....I have so much stash that I have tried to make myself finish some of the things I have before purchasing any more. But then I saw Hands on Design is bringing out a monthly stitch in the New Year. I'm

  9. First of all, congrats on the JCS piece! So glad I know a celebrity! Tangled up in Boo is wonderful; the spiders are great using those black buttons. I think the new start is a PS but I haven't seen a lot of borders on their designs so I guess I'll have to wait for the reveal! As for the exploding egg, oh my. So glad your DIL is okay. I'm sure that hurt. Have a safe trip to stay with your mother and to your stitchers getaway!

  10. More beautiful stitching. You work so quickly! I especially love the oak leaf in the last photo!
    I definitely didn't know that eggs could be so dangerous. I'm glad your daughter-in-law got immediate treatment in the nearest hospital. Those injuries must have been so painful.

  11. Great post Carol and such beautiful fall stitching .
    Sounds like you also had a very busy month like me.

    I just don't know where these days go .

    Congratulations on your magazine input ,your finishing is always just wonderful.

    It is good to know about the egg , who would have thought that would happen.

    Have fun with your friends , love and kisses to your mother .

  12. Congratulations on the recognition from the magazine! Your work is truly beautiful - each piece you stitch! I too am a fan of black cats and have to admit my little black cat is my favorite. : ) I'm going to have to go digging in the basement and find that chart. Your poor daughter-in-law!! I never would have dreamed of something like that happening. And I can't even imagine having burns in your mouth. I'm so glad she is okay now! I am so with you on the cold weather! The feel like temperature is only in the forties today! How did I miss your last post?? Going back to read it now. : )

  13. Carol: Congratulations on the Just Cross Stitch Honor, that is wonderful.
    My goodness it has been busy in your world.
    Happy Anniversary to your Son and daughter in law, happy birthday to your Daughter in law.
    I am so happy your Son is back in the US, I hope your Mother is doing better and you enjoy your visit with her, it is hard to be away from Family.
    I love love love your finishing on your designs.
    I do hope your daughter in law is getting better fast from the burns, I had that happen once now I eat my boiled eggs cold.


  14. Congrats on the adorable finishes Carol. Glad to hear your DIL is okay. How fun to have your son back home.


  15. So happy to read a new post. What an honor that JSC reached out to you. But I bet seeing your son was a was the best thing. I am sorry to read about your mom. I really enjoy your blog and back to your JSC project. I really like what you done, I think it really improve it. I am interested in the kitty charts me email is stitchinrose at

  16. Dear Carol, as always, great designs, great surfaces!
    Congratulations on the success of the magazine!
    I'm sorry your mother's health has worsened. I wish her early recovery!
    An egg incident is a good warning. I hope the daughter is alright.

  17. Carol:

    Brilliant use of the just part of the Prairie Schooler design - the finish is very lovely! I adore that Drawn Thread pattern - it's such a fun stitch :) Anything with a kitty is fun to stitch (and those seasonal ones look like fun)- I love to see how different they can look from designer to designer - please put me in your pool for these cuties. Enjoy your stitching weekend, and I hope your visit with your mother goes well.

  18. Beautiful finishes Carol, and congrats on the magazine shout out!


  19. Hi Carol....I didn't get a chance to comment on your last post, but I did read all of could I not? Your trip to Panama was so eventful!
    Kudos to you for the mention in Just Cross Stitch magazine...your ornament is bright and so appealing...
    And thanks for the egg warning...I'd never heard of that and I will not be warming a hard boiled egg...ever...that's for sure! Thank goodness your daughter-in-law was not hurt seriously.

  20. How exciting that JCS magazine featured your piece!! All your finishes are so darn cute! I am curious, do you have many UNfinished pieces?

    Enjoy your retreat! I am a little less than 2 hours from Erie!

  21. Congratulations on being recognized by JCS! Your finishing is always so clever and special. I had not heard about the dangers about microwaving hard boiled eggs. Glad your DIL is okay.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. LOVED your additions to the ornament from JCS! I received my magazine yesterday, so will save your idea. :-)

    Those kitty patterns look SO cute! & would make fun little gifts for all the cat lovers in my neighborhood. What issue of LA were they in?

    Always look forward to your blog chats.


  24. Congratulations, Carol! I think we all know that your photos and finishes should all be in magazines. They are all so inspiring! How fun to be going on a retreat! I've never been on one. Hope your mom is doing better. I know she will love having you with her for a week. Thanks also for the info about the egg...who knew? Glad your DIL wasn't too badly hurt. Happy stitching :)

  25. I think your finish was so amazing and so nice the magazine recognized your wonderful talent.
    I love your blog and Instagram. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world!
    I would love to see a blog on how you organize all the finishing items.. ribbons etc.. I am really struggling with that.

    I love the kitty patterns!


  26. Carol, the Halloween finishes are adorable! What an honor to be mentioned on the JCS FB page--your version is terrific!
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  27. Congrats on the mention! Well deserved. Can't believe you found the perfect frame for the gift. I've never had a stitched piece fit into a ready made frame! I think the two strand cording is very nice.

  28. The kitties would be purrrfect! Thank you for the giveaway. Thank goodness your daughter in-law is okay.

  29. I always admire your stitching. These Halloween-themed works are very pretty! Congratulations on being featured on the magazine fanpage. I'd love to enter your giveaway but the postage costs would be too much, so I'll just thank you for your kindness and wish everyone good luck. Glad to know your DIL is fine, what a scary tale indeed—
    Have a nice weekend!

  30. Hallo Carol,
    deine beiden fertigen Stickereien sehen fantastisch aus und das Skelett werden dein Sohn und deine Schwiegertochter lieben.
    Gott sei Dank ist deiner Tochter nicht allzu viel passiert und ich hoffe, dass es ihr bald wieder richtig gut geht.
    Gratuliere zum Facebook Post. Deine Stickerei ist auch wirklich sehr sehr schön.
    Gern nehme ich an dem Giveaway teil. Die kleinen Katzen sind goldig.
    Wünsche dir ein schönes Stick-Wochenende und Hugs, Manuela

  31. As always, very cute finishes.
    Congrats on your compliment from JCS!!!!!
    Glad your DIL wasn't injured worse.
    That happened to lady I worked with.
    Everyday, for years,she would warm her eggs in the micro.
    Well, 1 day they exploded, blew the door open, and sent egg flying way across the room, hitting 1 guy in the head with some, but he wasn't injured.
    We all just sat there with our mouths open, because she always did this, everyday, we couldn't believe it.
    Glad you got to spend some time with your son.
    Take care!

  32. Hi Carol, Your finishes are both perfect as always! Your new start looks lovely:) Good that your DIL has recovered now. Nice to know you had a fun time pampering your son.

  33. Hi Carol. Your finishes are always perfection. Wonderful that you were recognized by JCS Magazine (and very deserving). Thank you for sharing the scare your DIL had with the microwave. I have heard of a few others and have learned to take my time when I use it. Enjoy your get-away with your girlfriends.

  34. What wonderful finished. That boo skeleton is so much fun! Thanks for telling us about the egg in the microwave. I never heard of that but can see how it could happen. Glad she is ok. I would like to be entered in your drawing for the cats charts. So cute.

  35. Congratulations on the JCS.
    Thank your for the cautionary tale ... I had heard that eggs exploded in the microwave, and that is where I thought they meant they exploded. I'll be more careful in the future.
    Also thanks for the giveaway.
    Joan at

  36. I love reading your blog and seeing all of your beautiful stitched pieces. I would be interested in the cat ornament give-away please.

  37. Hi Carol, Congratulations on being featured on the Facebook page. Your finishes look lovely . . . as always! Thank you for the PSA about the hard boiled eggs in the microwave. Who knew. Please enter me in the drawing. Would you be able to mention the Leisure Arts magazine issue in your next blog posting? I would like to try to find it if I don't win the drawing. My email is:

  38. Congratulations on being recognized by Just Cross Stitch. I think your ornament is a lot nicer than their model. As usual, your finishings are great. That skeleton is a hoot! I would love to entered for the kitty ornaments magazine pages. Thank you. My email addy is

  39. I especially love how your Halloween pillow came out. Very glad your daughter-in-law was all right ~ that sounds like it was really scary :-o

  40. Hi Carol, just to start and make it clear for you - I would love to win the Seasonal cats charts - you know how much I love my two cats! My blog is Kitten Stitching and my email address is Next, lovely post, as always. Love your two finishes, both of them are so very professionally done - I am always so amazed by your perfect finishing. Well done on the JCS shout out - so very well deserved! And, yes, who knew that they read blogs????? Thanks for the warning re the eggs - I would never have imagined that it could be so dangerous! So lovely for you to have your son home again - my youngest is about to set off a South American adventure - four to six months backpacking around various countries, to say that I am very anxious about it is an understatement!

  41. That is so cool to be featured on Just CrossStitch Facebook page! I’d love to be considered for the cat patterns ! I’m somewhat of a crazy cat lady 😻. Thank you!

  42. Hi Carol,
    Oh yes the cat looks funny. Did she feel startled by the pumpkin?
    I like your choice of fabric as a motive. And it's a great finish, everything fits together so well. Also the next motive looks great.
    But this is an honor for you, that she wanted to show your work - that makes me very happy for you.
    No, I do not know what it might be, but the first leaf looks great.
    Luckily your daughter-in-law did not have anything else left that could have gone bad.
    I wish you nice October days
    Big Hugs, Martina

  43. Love the two new finishes. The Halloween is a lovely pillow but I think the Drawn Thread skeleton has to be my favourite. A wonderful finish and the frame is just THE perfect size.
    I do hope your Mum is OK and that your DIL has recovered from her ordeal.
    Have a good weekend.

  44. I'm not surprised the magazine wanted to feature you, your the wizard at finishing skills, everything always so perfectly matched and delightful, so many of us look up your finished for inspiration.
    Your poor DIL, how awful for her, pleased to read she has mended with no real lasting damage.
    Sending {big hug} hope you have a good visit with you mother and her health issues can be resolved so you can enjoy worry free times together.
    much love x

  45. Congratulations on the mention by Just Cross stitch. Well deserved! Yikes on the egg incident! I think I might have heard about this before, but I'm not sure. It might have been something else that explodes in the microwave. So scary! Love your stitches of course! I hope your mother is ok -- it's never easy with aging parent and health scares. Hope your youngest is happy being back in the US. I know he's a traveller so he might be itching for more. Hope you have/had fun at the airbnb with your friends!

  46. So much happening! Congrats on your recognition from the magazine!It is nice to be recognized in such a way? I love your Jack-o-lantern ornament! Tangled Up in Boo is so great! Lucky DIL to receive it!

    Oh my goodness; I do the same thing with hard boiled eggs! Thank goodness she is ok. I microwave them to take off the chill and it makes them easier to peel! I guess I may have to start doing it my daughter's way which is to use some hot water but I hate waiting for it to boil...maybe the Keurig will be quicker?

    Please do not enter me into the giveaway. I currently have more charts than I can ever stitch and I would rather it goes to someone who may be able to stitch it.

  47. CONGRATULATIONS on the note of praise from Just Cross Stitch Magazine! That's a real honor, and your project is adorable!

  48. Carol! Always a treat to read your blog. My apologies for not commenting sooner. Have been working a LOT at home, so when I have free time I want to sit, unwind and stitch...anything but be on the computer. Your Halloween gift for your son and daughter-in-law is so cute, and I love, love, love how you finished it. That frame is awesome!

    Exploding egg tale...OMG! Note to self: eggs and microwaves do not mix. I’m so sorry she went through that, but I am glad she wasn’t more seriously injured. Between this and your Panama hike, I think she needs a break from danger! Let me know where to mail the bubble wrap. *grin*

    Congrats on the JCS shout-out! Is it just me, or has your number of blog followers grown dramatically? ;-)

    Have a wonderful week!


  49. Congratulations on being featured in Just Cross Stitch magazine! Your finishing is beautiful and deserves to be recognised. The changes you made to that ornament really made it special. I love the Drawn Thread skeleton too, such a fun design!

    Sorry to hear about your mum's health issues, and your DIL's egg accident. Thanks for the warning.

  50. Such great stitching and finishing, and love that you were featured by JCS - it is recognition for great work! Can’t believe about the egg, I’ve never heard of that but I have always eaten my eggs cold. Glad she will be ok and didn’t do any damage to her eyes...she’ll need them for stitching! I’ve been wondering about your mom, will keep you in my thoughts as you visit her and help her. Hope you have a wonderful time on your retreat and look forward to seeing what you stitch! Oh, and please put my name in for the pattern - my daughter is starting to stitch and she loves cats, so I think she would enjoy it! Hope you have a good week.

  51. Another great Carol post. So much to comment on. I love the cooler weather. So thankful it is finally here. My month is flying by. I had so much I wanted to stitch and I doubt I will get it all finished up in time. But I'm going to try. Love your 2 adorable finishes!! How cool you were featured on Just Cross Stitch's page. You deserve it. Your changes were perfect. Great new start but no guess from me on the design. No Thank you on the drawing. I'm a dog person. I wish everyone who is interested Good luck though. I'm so glad to hear your daughter in law wasn't hurt worse. So scary! Thanks for sharing to help others avoid this danger. I hope your mom's health issues ease up soon. Enjoy your mini stitching retreat with friends.

  52. It was so nice to stumble upon your blog today. I love reading about other stitchers and what they are working on. I think what made me smile is I realized you lived in PA also. I know there are several around me but It was so nice to see. I will be back often to check in and see how all is coming along. I sure hope everything is good with your mom. I have recently been traveling all over PA because my Mother In Law passed suddenly and its been very hard on everyone.

  53. Congratulations on your spotlight by JCS! VERY thrilling I'm sure and very much deserved. I hope you and your mom have a good visit and that she is on the mend very soon. I'm thankful you can spend this time with her!

  54. Beautiful stitching, Carol!
    The Drawn Thread piece is so fun and it is a great gift to your son and daughter in law.
    Your new project is lovely!

    Best wishes for your daughter in law and your mother.

  55. Chère Carol, c'est toujours un grand plaisir de découvrir vos ornements !

  56. Carol, I have just returned from 3 very hot weeks in Florida. I'll take the cold over the heat anyday!!! Both your stitches are just adorable. Such an honor to be in the Cross stitch magazine and I much prefer your version of the finish. I'm so glad you got to enjoy 5 special days with your son and it will be so nice for you to have closer to home. I have never been on a stitching retreat but it sounds like so much fun. Hope you had a great time catching up with friends. Mary

  57. Love your new stitches and finishes Carol. They always have the right trims to make them absolutely perfect. I too have been out of town most of the month so catching up on all my favorite blogs and leaving comments.

    Congratulations on such a special honor to be in the cross stitch magazine. I too love your version of that stitch.

    I know how happy you must be to have your son home again. Glad you got in an exciting and memorable trip before he came home. Have a wonderful week. RJ

  58. So much going on! I love your Spooky Finishes and love your new start. I don't know why but I really love the shape of oak leaves!
    Congrats on you being mentioned by that magazine - they are absolutely right, you did a beautiful job at making that ornament your own, as you always do!
    Thank you for your generous give away - I can never resist series of charts, and the cats are so cute, so if it isn't too late yet, please put my name into the hat :)
    Thanks as well for the egg warning...I never microwaved hard boiled eggs before, but I wouldn't have thought it could be dangerous as well! I'm glad to hear your DIL made a full recovery.

  59. Oh Carol, spero che tua nuora e tua mamma stiano meglio! Come sempre bellissimi ricami e felice Halloween!

  60. Congratulations on being featured in Just Cross Stitch - your piece is so lovely! I love the skeleton, and I can see why you love the facial expression. I'm glad your DIL is okay! I would have never thought eggs could do that x

  61. Congratulations Carol on your JCS honor. Well deserved. You are so talented. Sorry to hear about your daughter in law. I haven't used a microwave in years and never will.I hope someone will see this and prevent an injury. I choose not to use it for other reasons. Glad she is ok. Onto your next post, I am behind..

  62. Tangled Up is wonderful Carol. You are such an inspiration - no wonder cross stitch magazines sing your praises!

  63. Aw, bummer, I missed this giveaway as I was in... PA! We got there just as the cold weather started and the first frost happened. My grandmother says we always bring weather changes with us when we visit. I would hate to be hot all the time though.

    That is a crazy little black cat; maybe he was properly spooked by the jack-o-lantern! And isn't it great when your button tin has the perfect items just waiting to be used? I've no clue on the autumn piece but perhaps it contains a black cat too? :)

    Crazy about the egg; I had no idea that could happen. We no longer have a microwave; our countertop one got fried by lightning several years ago and we never replaced it. I like the toaster oven more! At first I missed the popcorn but have since figured out it's so easy to make it on the stovetop hah.

  64. Meant to stick in the congrats on the JCS shoutout! How cool is that?! Did you notice an increase in traffic after they mentioned your blog?

  65. Again I love the gingham around your Boo. And I don’t get the JCS magazine anymore, but what a great compliment. I like your version better! I am using 40 ct linen for the 1 st time doing a huge piece Halloween at Hawk Run Hallow, and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I have to use my LED Maginifier, but I do that for every thing now. I should get more and do more ornaments with it. Just wondering if your mom lives alone? Somehow I was thinking she moved into a senior place after your Dad passed. I’m not sure.


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